In this start-up energetic age, we all love to hear success stories of business people. Some of them truly encourage us while others speak for flaunting their own success. Well, it is easy to spot a genuine leader who speaks to make an impact in hearts and souls, and not just make a good first impression.

A successful business is definitely an initiation of a great idea with hard work and persistent efforts. Being an entrepreneur comes with loads of ups and downs. It is more of passion about your goal rather than just earning a good living. World’s great leaders must have been the source of motivation for you. Their hard work and persistent efforts have made them achieve a lot in their lives. Those inspirations would have helped you a lot to overcome your practical problems.

In a similar way, your entrepreneurial story can be someone’s guiding light. It could also inspire them to chase their dreams and achieve their goals. It is an amazing thing to share your story with others. Every experience adds on to the learning experience for others. By sharing your own adversities, you can save them from similar issues and guide them how to overcome it.

 Do not go overboard

Everyone loves to share their experience with young minds and help them to get close to their goals. At times sharing goes a little overboard. You do not intend to flaunt, but the attitude or your tone could lend a bad idea to the listener. This gives them a false impression that you are speaking just to hear good about yourself. In return they will not take your advice seriously and hence, everything will be a waste.

Indulge them in motivational discussion

The best option to express your experience with others is to discuss and indulge the person. Giving out a speech is one-way communication but if you are letting others speak about their thoughts it turns into a healthy discussion.

Say, you are to impart your story with a group of young college going students. Rather than delivering a lecture to them, sit in a group, talk about your college days, make them comfortable with you and then express your version in an interactive form. This simple exercise will help you to connect with them. After a discussion listen to their problems and try to solve them in a practical way. They will treat you as one of them and talk to you freely about their dreams and aspirations.

Few tips for sharing your thoughts

Here are a few useful tips that will help you to deliver your thoughts in effective and efficient ways-

  • Whenever you are preparing a speech, always know your audience beforehand. You should know whether you are speaking for kids, or youngsters or young professionals. This will help you to pick-up experiences that they can understand easily.
  • Explain the incidents as a case study. Look forward to interacting with the audience.
  • At the end always have a feedback session.

Make sure that you understand the importance of being heard in a right manner.

Nobody loves speeches as all of us love to express, interact and learn.