In life a good measure of positives and negatives come as package deals


Joy and grief are a part and parcel of each one’s life. Every day is not a good day. Whether we realize it or not, we get a balanced share of both. Our successes and failures are eventually evened out. Knowing that they are two sides of the same coin, we cannot possibly shelter ourselves from any one. And why should we want to keep away from any of the sides?

The good and the bad are equally important in life. What the bad can teach us, the good cannot. What the good can give to us, the bad cannot. Though opposites, they work hand in hand. There is no significance and meaning of joy without sorrow, or a victory without a defeat, or health without pain and illness. One can only appreciate the best when they have encountered the worst.

There are a million ways in which one can respond to what life has to offer.

Two opposing phenomena

The two opposing phenomena teach us certain lessons that books cannot teach. Like buds bloom into flowers, sorrow turns into joy if we nurture the same the right way. We all have a plan and an endless list of things we would want. But how often do things go as planned? Rarely, and if we can revive the unworked plan with a set of newly tailored strategies, things can be better than we had imagined!

Ups and downs, thick and thin, are life’s ways of polishing us up and in the process, we are able to learn about ourselves, about who we are and what we appreciate. Even the cup that holds fresh wine was burned in potter’s oven. Only if we allow ourselves can we find joy in every sorrow and peace in every turmoil. Take a deeper peek into your heart and you will know that there is nothing that you cannot change or overcome.

Why me?

When bad times befall we have the tendency to say “why me.” But when we are on Cloud 9 do we say the same why me? We must embrace both happiness and sadness and treat them just the same as we are aware that they are both transitory. If we are powerful, we can choose our happiness in every sorrow. Every sorrow gives us an opportunity to change for the better. It is our choice to take it or not.

Whether we allow sadness to put us down or keep hope, acknowledge it, work towards it and resolve it. When one lands up in a situation they would not want to stay in, that is when new energy needs to be instilled in oneself so that they can improve it. What matters is not the quantum of what we have, but how much we make of it, cherish it and what we are able to derive from it.

One door closes, another opens

We have been told, at some point in our life, that when one door closes, another opens. And indeed, this belief can take you places. To treasure life, one has to love its every aspect, the good and the bad.

If we look for the positives in the negatives, we will be able to value the presence of both in our lives. Sadness is the start of another journey to happiness. We meet reality through suffering, and existence of joy and sorrow teaches us how to let go and we must imbibe the lessons that impermanence can teach us.

Everyone inevitably faces success and failure and this is the thread that joins everyone. While climbing up a mountain, one cannot go straight up to its peak in one go. We make mistakes, we face obstacles, but we make repeated attempts and overcome them. What is important is to not doubt oneself and believe that failure is only leading us a step closer to success.