Show of external strength is a sign of internal weakness


My experiences with the corporate world through the years have taught me many important lessons which directly or indirectly influenced my actions and decisions. By and large, years of corporate practices, boardroom battles and matching wit against wit have made the successful ones confident as well as people with real power. The power is just not financial strength but also the power of character, power to dominate and the power to exert pressure when needed. However, the show of this external strength is very rarely visible as those who are really powerful do not need to show how powerful they are.

Silly way to do anything

I have found it funny on a number of occasions when I saw people trying to brag or put a show of their external strengths to prove a point. This is a silly way to do anything and it rather proves that such persons are internally weak.

I would rather go to the extent and say that people who generally show external strength are those who want to hide their internal weaknesses. These people generally would be those who made money by chance rather than through hard work and dedication.

I have always seen that people who had gained a certain position in the aspects of success and making money, have done it through hard work and other such related qualities. As a result these people have deep respect for such qualities and that makes them modest. They know what power is and can handle that power as they have gained it through years of experience.

Power should not be given to everybody

I believe that power should not be given to everybody. It destroys the balance of the nature. Only those who can acquire it should get it because, otherwise, if wrongly attributed, things can get topsy-turvy. Those who are not accustomed to handle power may use it to show off as a cover up to their internal weakness or the shallow depth of internal substances. There is precedence for such events, all of which has resulted in disasters.

Many a times, I have actually seen people calling up top police officials to solve meager problems that can be solved by a simple pep talk. I have seen people threatening others with dire consequences at boardroom battles, which are actually needless and meaningless. I have seen the habit of dropping names of influential people by people I know, hoping to create an impact. Silly ideas that might even not work with peasants nowadays! However, these are the habits of people who are internally weak and externally have to do something to prove they are something else.

Alas, I cannot change things I do not like! Sometimes I really feel that I should have a magic wand and change the ugliness and anything which creates a bad impact to protect this world of ours. Therefore, I pray to The Almighty to help us by giving the mental strength.

But I do suggest to all, grow up do not show off. If you are really successful, you will get the respect you deserve, there is no need to yell that you are successful. You will be noticed. Those who consider that you do not have the substance within you, so you need to prove it by creating an extravaganza or put up a show of strength, sorry, you are a lost soul and ultimately these things do not work out, you will get caught eventually.