Author Janet Fitch once told, “The phoenix must burn to emerge.” A defeat will only lead you to conquer something even bigger. That’s why it is important to smell defeat, so you can study the world before you take it over.

But you should know, defeat arrives in many faces. It is important that we recognise them, so that we can learn from them in the right way. Here are some faces of defeat that you must be familiar with, but never realised.

Back from the past

Failure is a timeless gift. Our parents always keep telling us that we shouldn’t repeat the mistakes that they did in the past. Even though it sounds absurd, it is true. Mistakes are not time-restricted. If you have already made them once in your life, then you will be hundred times careful, next time you are in that situation. Let’s take a simple example. When you were a kid, your mother must have told you a thousand times about how you should not play with fire. But thanks to curiosity, you did. Unfortunately, it didn’t end the way you thought it would and in the process, you hurt yourself.

And now you tell your kids to never play with fire because you know the consequence you faced when you were a little kid. That’s a defeat we accept at a young age. We faced the downside of an experience when we didn’t succeed in it.

Let’s look at it from another perspective. If you had played with fire, and you would have never got hurt, you wouldn’t have understood how harmful playing with fire can be and you wouldn’t be careful in the future. This example is just a simple version of how mistakes can help us in our business.

Not the right decision

Important decisions can go wrong. That doesn’t mean one should not take them at all. People in relationships preach that it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. That is why a way forward is the only way to reach success. If a rock is a hurdle, it won’t be difficult to kick it, especially if you are good in football. The process might hurt your foot (because it is a rock and not a sponge) but at least it will be out of the way and you can continue your journey.

Let’s compete together

Competition is an important part of being an entrepreneur. Yes, they urge you to do better in your field. But that urge comes to us only when we accept that they do not lag behind when it comes to delivering good results, just like us. That is another face of defeat – a defeat that is a pre-step to success. We always strive to do better than them because we know they are good. If we think we are the sole player in the field, then that makes us arrogant and stop us from accepting what is right.

A defeat can only be trailer before the release of victory. If you do not want to miss the premier show, then you should accept the trailer, or else the movie will never release.