Taking calculated risks is the first step towards growth


Whether in business or job, the biggest risk that you can take today is taking no risk at all. It is important to take a chance and be different and not simply follow the most treaded path in life and career.

You are about to discover how unconventional choices are actually golden chances to exhibit your talent for a lucrative livelihood. But remember that just taking a riskier proposition does not mean your success is guaranteed.

Do your research, have a vision and then take calculated risk. Life is not a lucky draw. You need to take the right set of risks to earn the right payoff. Here is why your calculated risks can earn you a greater return and steer you towards a steep growth trajectory in the long term:

  • A Path less taken: In this age of grim lines at the job or business fairs, large queues at the interview spots and the world of cut-throat competition, finding a decent job or business opportunity can be pretty strenuous. Hence when it comes to choosing the course of a career, most people base their decisions on the “obvious” paths rather than discovering the opportunities that reflect their own individuality and interests. As a result, a lot of the potential jobs or business options, which actually offer a warehouse of growth options, go unnoticed due to their unsavory nature.
  • Compete less, grow more: Walk separate from the crowd. Don’t be a “me-too””. Take up a position that doesn’t have too much attention of the industry. So that you don’t have to worry about your “too many” peers and can focus more on your own performance and set new benchmarks. As a result you can give your 100% undivided attention to the job and climb the ladder of success faster. It can be beneficial to give utmost power to your work alone. The riskier proposition can thus help you mature as an individual to a great extent.
  • Don’t let yourself to be taken for granted: So you took a chance that very few people were willing to take. What happens next? The managerial staff or investors will always be ready to cater to your terms and issues. You will get to know your worth as a professional being. Maybe you can get a raise in your job frequently as compared to your friends stuck in the swarm jobs. Not to forget the taken-for-granted employees approach that happens in those more “popular” jobs. Since your position becomes indispensible, the higher-ups cannot risk you letting go easily and waiting a long time for the vacancy to be filled again. Use this bargaining chip to your advantage.
  • First Movers Advantage: Enjoy this advantage as you do the spade work for others to follow. With reduced time to market, you will surely enjoy better fruits and others follow suit to join you in your new game. Remember that the game is yours and the new entrants play by your rules, making your win even bigger.
  • Higher Risks often come with Higher Returns: Enough said already! If the above reasons were able to switch your mind a little, this one will make you completely agree with us. Most people don’t take up riskier options that are often not highly known, thinking that they won’t pay well. But the truth is that such types of options can actually turn out as aggressive paymasters. Balance your risks if you wish to buy supplementing it with a contrary strategy, but do take your chances!

While we are not completely disagreeing that the throng is always wrong, but the truth is that the unappealing options with making business or career calls that nobody really wants to do can prove to be the success-stores for you. Taking the road less-travelled not only brings more experience to work independently outside one’s comfort zone, but also proves to be opulent in the long run.