In Carnegie Mellon University, giving his famous last speech ‘The Last Lecture’, only a few months before he died, Randy Pausch spoke these beautiful words. This tells that the luck is in the cards, but the play belongs to the player with skills on how to use the card. Sometimes the cards can be poor, but you can still turn the game to your advantage if you know how to use your skill. This is how you draw the destiny of your business.

Back in the school days, in Economics, we were taught one simple rule – ‘the land is fixed.’  None of the students got what it meant. We all protested that this fact was wrong and a person always has the option of buying more land. That is when our teacher explained something that I will never forget in my life. She told that we can buy more land, but the land didn’t grow; only the land that belongs to us, grew. The land still remains the same.  If one person uses the land for farming purposes, the other might use it for the purpose of building real estate. How you make use of the land is on you, but nobody can create a new land.

Understand the play of others

Focus, determination and hard work play a key role in giving you the right skill to take the right decision. But a master player will not just look at his card; a real master player should anticipate or at least try to understand the play of others. It helps you to make better choices and play smarter.

You don’t get it right in the first go. If you do, then it’s not your hands, your cards are just lucky. It takes only one thing to master the trick – practice. It didn’t matter how many times you fall while practising, all that matters is that you got up and tried again. Nothing ever pays without the willpower and the effort to achieve something. Anything that has been given to you without that is a mere bonus, not your reward.

Every hand is different

Every hand is different. That doesn’t mean one is right and one is wrong. It just means that you should know when to stop and when to start your next play. There is no right way to it. You can deliver the same result by getting a low card as the person who got the high cards. When, where and how – ask these questions to yourself and you will be fine.

Every individual in the earth lives 24 hours in a day. How productive you make your day will tell how well you sleep that night. Each business is dealt with the same tactics. Every business runs with the same goal – make profits, but the methods used to reach that goal vary from business to business. Success does not depend on the goal you choose, it depends on the road you took to reach your destination.