Embrace failure as a part of growth


Failures are part and parcel of every successful journey. It is up to you how you take your failures. Some people learn from it, stand-up again and work harder to meet their goals. Others just give up, sit back and let destiny take over their future. Now, it is up to  you to decide at which side you lie.

A successful entrepreneur is an integrated mix of many failures. Failures are not curses. They are the stepping-stones towards your success. The failures are not destinations, they are few bad stoppages before reaching the final happy destination. Giving up is easy fighting through the storms is difficult but in.., end, it is rewarding.

Let us think little deeply, what if the much-known entrepreneur Steve Job have given up because of initial failure, we would have got wonderful I phones or Apple computers. He strived through all hard days and finally set a heroic and successful example for the whole of the world. So, never be discouraged by small or big failures view them as an alarm that you need to change your track.

Accept your failures

The big thing is to accept your failures. Once you accept them, then only you will be able to find its real cause. Real cause will help you determine your exact mistake and helping you to improve it. If you do not accept your mistakes or your faults you will not learn. You will always stay in your protected shell and never been able to discover and enjoy new things. So, accept the realities.

Learn from your failures

No doubt failures are disheartening and discouraging, but the important part is you should learn your lesson for it. Failures are the best teachers of life. If a particular ‘set-up’ or ‘client’ or ‘employee’ has not worked well for your business then it is time to learn and change. For example a particular kind of employee have not served fruitful for your business, then you should amend your way to recruit people. Rather than making a fuss about it, learn and change for better future.

Failures make you realize your real potential

Failures are best ways to realize your potential. After a failure everyone passes through a phase of disappointment. Some drown in it, while others give it some time and then get-up and move on. With every failure you have to push yourself to do something better. Failure means you require more hard work and dedication towards your goal. It pulls you out of your comfortable zone and drags you through all adversities. You realize your real self and potential with every failure.

Failures make you humble

At times we get so busy with our goals and achieving it that we forget our groundings. Failures bring us back to the ground level. They make us realize we are not masters. We are nothing without hard work and humbleness. It brings us back to realities.

So, do not be afraid of failures. Stand by it and face it. Win for yourself, your passion not for anyone else. Face your fears and with perseverance overcome your failures and emerge as a winner.