Priority management is real time management


Management skill is an essential part of one’s daily routine, especially if you are a part of the corporate world. The business schools teach their students all sorts of survival strategies but it is up to the person as to what to use and when.

Of course, experience does matter but what matters most is the continuous urge of leaning and self-upgradation. Constant observation will teach you what is important and what can wait, what is priority and what is not. If you can grasp the basics of priority management, that will help you on your ladders of success, because priority management is real time management.

Decides success and failures

Time management, as I have observed, is one of the most essential things in life that decides success and failures. If you do not know when to do what, it is really a problem for you as well as the people who are working with you. The idea of priority should evolve mainly from common sense added to experience and guidance. It is very important that you are able to make distinctions in life between the needed and the unnecessary. Whatever field you are working in, wherever you are and whatever you do, this is important to survive.

The best examples of time management can be learnt at your home. You need to observe how your mother manages the cooking, the daily vegetable shopping, the grocery shopping and does the dishes and the cleaning if the maid is absent and yet finds time to make your breakfast and then finds the much needed leisure to watch soaps on the television. I gave a generalized picture but that is how it is. Your mother would know what her priorities are and does the work accordingly. Home truths! Easy yet incredible examples!

What comes after what

In the sphere of the corporate sector, it is important to have the capacity to prioritize your works. You will need to understand what comes after what and how the system runs. The quicker you can grasp the system, the easier will it be for you find the easy way out and shortcuts. Improvisation is a tool of time management. Systems can be changed if the output is better and faster. I have often found that young minds, rookies in the truest sense, making incredible use of improvisation and attaining  something in days that would earlier take weeks.

Time machines are, till now, a part of science fiction. May be, in the coming days, it might be a reality. To think that cell phones and laser guns, as featured in the Star Trek episodes are now a reality. However, as long as our mind works in the right direction, we can always manage our time, create innovative patterns and thus optimize our priorities. My advice to the young generation would be that put your best foot forward to understand what priority means to your work, find out what the need of the hour is and act accordingly. If you can manage time, in today’s jet-set age, you will be the real champion.