What does perspective mean to you? Dictionary defines ‘perspective’ as – the appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer. In simple words, it is how you see things. The flaws you see must look like opportunities to others.  Here are some ways how you can cope up with your limitations and use them instead to succeed.

It is a challenge!!!

If you see something as flawed, there will always be someone behind who saw it as an opportunity to grab. Unless you start seeing limitations as challenges, there is no escape for you from getting stamped. Accepting the flaws, taking them as a challenge, is a step taken to move forward. Staring at your limitation is being at one place for the rest of your lives.

Not a synonym for failure

If something is restricting you from achieving your goal, it does not mean you can’t achieve it at all. It just means you need to work harder, so that the taste of the fruit you get in return is much sweeter. Let’s take the example of the legend – Helen Keller. She became deaf and blind before she turned two. And she turned out to be the first deaf blind person to gain a Bachelor degree. If she thought that being deaf and blind was an excuse to stay indoors, today her photo would not be imprinted in the most dominating currency in the world – the U. S. Dollar.

Practise makes a man perfect

The first thing to challenge the limitation is to set a goal. And the only way to reach the goal is to run on the way, a million times. A practise will never leave you without results. The first time you practise against your limitation will be the hardest, but that will be the first step you take to accept that you have one. And after the end of the journey of hard work and determination, you will gain immense confidence. That is the sweet result your own limitation gives you.

Get inspired

Let me first tell you, you are not alone. Where you have been, there are many who have already been through that phase and some are still struggling to get past that. That is your cue to get inspired by these people. The struggle to achieve a goal is never easy for anyone. There are a million stories and at least one should hit a chord with you. Not all paths taken to reach their goal will inspire you, but their life stories and struggle to cope with a disability or a situation will give you the confidence to start working harder. Someday when you find your way, you will be an inspiration to others.

It is not easy to be that person who can take any challenge that comes on his way. But if you decide that before even trying, then the twists and turns in your business will only be disappointments. But once we start accepting where we lack, the same twists and turns will be a game-changing event in our lives and the lives that got affected by our work. Remember, we are not alone. There will be always a team that stands united to reach the goal.