Robert Frost always wrote his words with a million hidden reasons behind them. But when he wrote, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference” he surely gave a moral dialogue for all the people running for success. Taking a path that is unique and different, gives you a chance to be known for starting something that nobody else did. There are many reasons why you should take up a job that is uncommon or haven’t been tried by anybody else.

You get to be the unique

They say the one who flows with the crowd forgets who they really want to be. Merging with the crowd is good, but nothing beats the respect one gets being unique. You are the one who took the path that no one even thought of before. This makes you stand out in the crowd. You can’t complain because that’s a great feeling.

Love the challenges

Let’s be honest, it is not the easy option to pick, but it is way more rewarding than the easier road. Everyone will pick the one where they don’t have to work very hard and put their brains to it, but the rewards will never be sweeter if achieved after putting your whole mind, body and soul. Winning over the challenges are the first sign that you have become successful.

You introduced it!

You gave birth to it when you chose a career path that nobody knew even existed. You are bringing more options to the fewer choices for others. You will be a name that people relate to when they have to think of the path you took. You will naturally gain the trust of the audience. Your footsteps on the path are marked making you a person who will always be remembered.

The master of the game

When the road is less travelled, there are fewer people to compete with. It is easier to become the master when there are lesser players on the street to fight with. In a game where only 3 people are playing, you are sure to get some rank. And when you are the master, you have a mass that follows you and respects your work. Everybody wants to walk on your footprints, the one you left a trail for. You don’t have to follow others but you get to be the inspiration of others. That is what a true success should feel like.

But the creativity needs to come from your within, as to where you should start to be the star. Today, successful employees of multi-national companies are quitting their firm to start something new, something of their own, making them successful.  You can be still a learner and still manage to reach the top. You have a little more time than the other side of the world that is stuck in the crowd. Raise a toast to finding a new route in the world of business.