Life isn’t fair and neither is business


There is often a thin line between victory and defeat. It is never really easy. The fact of the matter is that one has to take conscience and ethics on the high road towards that one place where we find ourselves.

Moreover, nothing but hard and passionate work can take anyone there. There will always be the ones who were born with a silver spoon, or those taking short cuts, or even those who would always want to step on you and jump right over. The point here is that it’s never easy nor is it ever fair.

What are we talking about? It is about the business of life. For the most part life involves transactions. There is always a position of a buyer and that of a seller. For a win-win situation to arise it is important to have worthwhile negotiation skills.

Life is indeed not fair. One has to fight for every morsel of food and fights we must win to be secure and remain prosperous.  To lay back and let things happen for you is a matter of metaphysics. The goal should be to hope for the best but one must at all times be prepared for the worst.

The following points should be considered instead of cringing and complaining:

  • To make things happen

The key to success in any form is to take the first step. It is definitely a difficult task but truly not the toughest. The most challenging part is to sustain the spirit. Action is very important.

  • Be at your center

There are nearly seven billion people living on this planet and likewise there are opinions of the same number. The point is to remain at the center of your gravity, listen to everyone, take in whatever seems important but at the end, action should be your call.

  • To be a creationist

If we look at the most successful people in the world by any standard, the one common linkage that comes forth is that they all provided solutions. This is essentially the entrepreneurial spirit. The problems of the world such as poverty, hunger, terrorism, et cetera, their nature is and will remain dense. They impact one and all. The point is to make small changes every day, so that the bigger pieces of life fall into their right places.

  • Mistakes are only committed once

This is a golden rule. Mistakes only happen once, if there is a repetition, in that case it has become a habit. So what if you fail, one must strive to fail better each time. One must never shy away from experimenting or taking risks. At all times one must try and innovate.

  • There is nothing called wisdom

The greatest minds never would impart wisdom, they would always believe in spreading knowledge. Knowledge is the only truth. Gaining new skills and constantly improving is the ideal way of life.

  • Know what you are fighting for

Having a purpose not only helps to ascertain the path to success better but also makes unnecessary complications simpler. It is the prerogative of every individual to remain happy. Happiness is everything; it is a goal worthy of a fight.

An enterprising spirit never fails. It keeps on improving, gaining new and better experiences at every stage of life. Leaders are not born; they are chiseled out of dirt using hard-work, blood, and sweat. When the course of action is set – all efforts should be made to reach the end. It is only there is where the fruits of success lay.