Failure is not only a possibility; it is a probability


Failure is not a substitute for success. It is something that needs to be avoided. Every person encounters failure at some point in his life. What matters is how a person reacts and learns from it. One should not get distracted from the disappointments and failures in life. There is so much a person can learn every time things don’t happen the way you have envisioned.

The probability theory

Often people find themselves being drifted backward in some point of their lives. The probability of success might seem far away, but it should not be a setback. Failure is a probability that should be accepted in a positive aspect. It should not hold you from achieving your goals.  Rather it should be taken as a lesson not to repeat the same mistakes.

How to improve your chances

After failing in your efforts, you should try to review the events that possibly caused the failure. Pay attention to improve the unsuccessful events and try to rework them. This will dramatically help in the improvement of your performance and take you to the next level. Some people feel frustrated and defeated after a failed attempt. This leads to demotivation and giving up on your dreams.

Probability of failing occurs from lack of courage. When things don’t go as per plan one should use failure as one of the greatest motivators to achieve success in future. Looking at things in a positive aspect can help to reignite your passion. In other words determination, enthusiasm and hard work pay off.

Failure is not permanent

Sometimes things might not work according to the plan or your desires. One should accept failure because there is always a reason to find out why things didn’t work and learn a lesson from it. Improving the undesired events that occur can help you to see the bigger picture for a bright future.

After a failed attempt there are some things you should consider doing: (i) find out the reasons for the failed events (ii) learn from them and (iii) if it feels that it is something that you really desire then instantly recommit to try again. It is better to take chances and fail than to sit back and wonder about the things that you could have done but restrained because you were afraid to fail.

Learn from others mistakes

Learning from the stories of the successful people can be a perfect example of why failure should not hold you from achieving your goals. One great name is Bill Gates, the world’s wealthiest man. Failure did not hold him from discovering new opportunities. After a few years of learning, he created the first product for Microsoft and discovered the new path for success.

Fail more

The idea is not to feel embarrassed because of the failed attempts. Greater things are achieved in life after many unsuccessful attempts and chain of events. The point is not to give up when things go wrong. Some of the best things in your life will be because of the things that have gone wrong. Try for things that you want to achieve. There is nothing to lose and much to gain for you.