Fear stops us form taking risks and making changes because it is out of our comfort zone. And when you let fear take root in your brain, it limits you from doing things. Tackle your fear and take challenges head on to emerge triumphant and successful.

Fear is a curious thing. It creates scenarios in our heads that might never exist. It creates roadblocks that can easily be overcome. But we tend to be so scared of them that we do not even attempt to overcome them. Fear is what makes a student choose to attend a local college when he or she actually dreamt of going to an Ivy League school.

Fear is the difference between staying in a mundane 9-to-5 job instead of chasing our passions. Fear is why a newlywed couple buys a new cookie cutter house instead of the character house they fell in love with. Fear is what stops us from approaching the very interesting person sitting beside us on the train and striking up a conversation because that might be weird.

Fear to motivation

 But why let fear rule you? Turn all that fear into motivation to do something. Channel the voice in your head that is saying, “You cannot do it” to “you can definitely do it”. Let fear be your motivation instead of a roadblock. If you are plagued by self-doubt, take up a project to prove yourself otherwise. If you are unsure of whether you can pitch your start up to investors or not, ask for a meeting and make the first pitch.

Tackle your fear

Don’t turn your back on your fear. Instead, tackle it head on. Entrepreneurship often requires taking risks at every stage of the process. If you hesitate when the need of the hour is taking the risk, you might lose the chance to take your business a step forward. Weigh the risks and take the plunge, because unless you tackle that fear, you will always be a step behind where you want to be.

Uproot the fear

Don’t let fear take root in your brain. Once fear is lodged in there, it is stuck. It takes great amount of time and effort to get rid of it. In the initial stages of fear, it is easy to get rid of it if you take some concrete action. Uproot it in the beginning. If that fear festers, it starts combining with a weird type of rationality.  A boring job is better than a risky one, right? People who strike up conversations with strangers on a train are weird, right? Why risk it. Questions like these plague our brain.

Light at the end of the tunnel

While fighting your fears or facing them head on, do not forget the light at the end of the tunnel. There will always be one. Your light at the end of the tunnel could be your family, your partner or the success of your entrepreneurial venture. Never lose sight of what your end goal is. Along with fear, make your passion your motivation. Your drive for success will make the light at the end of the tunnel look closer each time you conquer a fear.

When we think negatively, our fear convinces us that happiness or success is unachievable.

Fear will make you believe that taking a risk or making a change is too dangerous. “Settling” seems safer and inside our comfort zones. But when you take one step out of your comfort zone, and realize that the fear was all in your head, you would want to take another step too. Success will be just within reach.