Don’t create a business, create a cause behind the business


In this modern era of cut throat competition and dynamism, every individual is pursuing the same goal: to maximise personal wealth, live a life of luxury and comfort, and fulfill their ambitions at the earliest.

Their pervasive desire for easy and quick materialistic gains lures them into starting ventures which would yield the maximum profits with the minimum gestation period. As such in this rat race, the entrepreneurs set up ventures which yield profits but do not contribute in improving the social fabric of the society. The result is that various businesses are set up but ‘the cause behind the business’ is, very often, either forgotten or overshadowed by our lust for success.

Personal commitment

The term ‘Cause’ may be defined as a principle, aim, or movement to which one is committed and which one is prepared to defend or advocate. Depths of such personal commitment are an inevitable ingredient for a successful and flourishing business.

Every business is exposed to multiple unforeseen contingencies and perils. However, when a business is set up with a cause in our heart and mind and due diligence is exercised  to promote the specified cause, then such a business venture is bound to succeed. These ventures not only earn the goodwill of the consumers but also acquire greater market share and make rapid strides despite the various uncertainties and risks it has to face.

To inform and educate

The success achieved by the Time Magazine’, founded by Henry Luce, can be cited as an example in this context. He founded the ‘Time Magazine,’ not to maximise his personal wealth but to inform and educate his readers, instil love for journalism amongst the youth, provide brief yet enlightening articles for busy businessmen as well as increase the communication skills in his country. With these strong and noble intentions in his mind, which constantly serve as a guiding force, Henry Luce finally evolved as a founder of one of the most successful media enterprises in America. Success is bound to follow when a ‘cause’ rather than a business is promoted in letter and spirit.

There are numerous examples of people who have quit their highly remunerative jobs to start a business in order to promote a cause they firmly believed in. They have faced hardships and just managed to eke out an existence in the initial years of their venture, refusing to withdraw a penny from their establishments until they had achieved their dream. However, none of their efforts have gone in vain, as their faith in the cause that they were espousing had helped them not only reach the top of the ladder but also regain the life of luxury that they had once renounced, acquiring more than what their previous occupation could offer.

Motto of business leaders

Most of these individuals and enterprises might not have gained recognition at the international level but they have made a mark in their respective fields. The famous saying ‘Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress,’ has been the motto for most of the successful business leaders all over the world.


Hence, it can rightly be said that a business enterprise that has been set up to promote a cause is likely to remain continuously profitable and a leader in the global markets. On the other hand, when efforts are put into establishing a business primarily aimed at earning profits, such a business will only strive to survive in the face of stiff competition.


Thus, it would be wise to establish a cause behind a business rather than just a business!