Leadership is believing in yourself


Leadership. The very word puts a band of sweat across the brows, just thinking of the immense pressure and responsibilities that come with it. You would ideally imagine a leader as this well-dressed man/woman sitting in an exclusive glass cabin, has enviable academic qualifications and knows answers to all the questions.

Cut out the clichéd image, we say! Today everyone believes that the biggest quality of a leader is realizing that he/she is not the most smart or intelligent person in the room at all times.

Deal with people from all walks of life

Now, we, the ordinary mortals, have always marveled at the apparent extraordinary capabilities of a leader or an entrepreneur to deal with people from all walks of life and handle the high-level issues with such confidence. Will we ever get to such a position, we wonder! And if we do, will we be able to handle the pressure is the all-too important musing.

Have you ever seen a cat trying to hunt a King Cobra? Or a hedgehog fighting with a bull? No, right? What we are saying is, the laws of the universe are such that it’ll never throw something your way which you are not capable of handling. Always remember that. Now, how’s that for motivation?

A leader may sit in an office and lead the entire company, may be the captain of a team, may be a parent, or may be that friend whom everyone listens to. We respond to our ‘leaders’ because of the way he/she faces the problems and finds the apt solution.

So what key qualities do you need to be a leader or an entrepreneur who motivates and leads?


 A leader has to remain inspired and driven. Inspiration comes in the form of achieving excellence at everything they do i.e. leading by example, finding ways to help others reach their goals, and, overall, being a solid support system.


 Inspiration is not about stepping on to a stage every year and spouting rehearsed lines of encouragement to the employees. It takes a lot more than that to be an inspiration. Leaders have to lead by example, by the actions of their everyday lives. It always helps when you add personal touch to the equation, by asking your people how they are doing and basically making yourself approachable. And winning people’s faith and confidence, consequently, opens all communication channels. A thriving workplace is one where all channels of communication are active and transparent.


 A true leader is a visionary. He has a clear picture of what he wants in the future and focuses on achieving the same. He involves his team in his ideas and does not hesitate to incorporate some of theirs, for a unified goal.


A leader sticks to the principles he strongly believes in, and makes his team believe in the same. His entire methodology revolves around a powerful master plan of achieving goals the right way, which is generally based on his beliefs.

Nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough, least of all being a leader. If you’re in a leadership position in any aspect of life: remember, you can handle it. If you’ve climbed all the steps and reached the top, you’re well prepared to take on all the challenges heads on. Because the journey will have equipped you with all the qualities, rather weapons, to tackle problems, connect with people, and lead and motivate them by example. You just have to believe in yourself.