Remember this bad phase too will pass


From the richest person on earth to the one who has to struggle everyday to sustain himself, both good and bad phases are part of both their lives, yes, the quotients may be variant. One never has to learn how to savour the great moments of happiness but the bad times…. they are indeed the ones you are scared of. But if we consider life as a never ending journey, then fatigue is always followed by a fresh start. The bad phases in life are those moments of struggle to get to the top of the mountain. Once you reach the peak, the cuts and bruises while struggling to the top seem to be so very worthy. Hence you just need to hold on patiently.

You know you can do it

The biggest blow in difficult situations is losing self confidence. No matter what, never ever loose grip over it. It is the confidence in you that will make you sail through these difficult times with a lot of strength and perseverance. Your daughter may be in the hospital or you have just lost the deal with your client in office. To each of us, our own problems have their own importance. But how difficult may be the situation, keep saying it to yourself “yes, you can do it.”

Bare open your emotions

We are born to be real, not to be perfect. Hence it is natural that in difficult hours you may feel bursting out and crying, just like in good times you laugh out loud. Don’t try to restrain yourself from your emotional outburst. I personally find it extremely healing specially in times when I recollect those tough times in the past. Keeping your emotions to yourself actually is a bad choice as this action feeds onto your strength, which should have been the need of the hour. Hence if you see someone crying badly, don’t try to console. Nature has its own way of healing and giving strength.

Head over the heart

If you really want your troubling hours to be over, don’t just sit back and pray and depend on others to act. Strategise on how you could get over the bad phase as fast as possible and in these times you have to keep your head over your heart. No, I am not self contradicting myself. Bursting out emotions is no doubt important but getting soaked in the sadness actually never helps. It makes the problem or the sadness much bigger than it is. And the bigger it becomes the more difficult it would be for you to fight.  You are still alive, hale and hearty and there are loads of things you can do to make yourself better and the earth better for living.

Over the years, I have come to believe, that these difficult hours in our lives, teach us the biggest lessons. Every such situation slowly turns you to be a stronger person from the heart and your outlook towards life becomes generous. You indeed realise that these times are just phases because life is not static.