‘Set it and forget it’ – not the right way to go


Everyone in this world has some goal in his mind and wants to become rich by achieving that goal. But even after some time has passed, most people still sit there thinking about the goal that they want to achieve. They deliberately avoid it by making excuses or they are afraid of pursuing it at all. This is what is called ‘set it and forget it’ approach. The term ‘set it and forget it’ was first introduced by Ron Popeil and this phrase became popular in the business world. It is a belief that if you involve yourself to a certain degree in setting up a business it will then run its course, allowing you to forget about it.

Keep your goals steady

But this actually means that you are constantly changing your goals. In business you don’t keep changing your goal. Keeping yourself and your employees in confusion will result in less efficiency and can lead your business to jeopardy. Internal goals keep updating themselves and there has to be one main goal that motivates the company to reach there. One also has to make sure your goal is long term.

Create an amazing company culture

The key to success in your business lies in the blood of the company – your employees. If they don’t perform good, then no matter how hard you work it will come off as a less efficient business. Therefore, make sure that you hire a group of professionals who are passionate about the work just the way you are. This will keep motivating you to work hard for them as well as them to work hard for you. It becomes a complete give and take system. And your business can reach heights.

Keep updating yourself

One should always be in the game. One shouldn’t give up once the goal is achieved. That is why it is important for the business and its entrepreneurs to keep updating themselves and be ahead of others by a few steps. Even if it is a start up or a large scale industry, you are never completely satisfied when it comes to business. With the rapidly changing world, it is important that your business also moves forward and does not lag behind. Always make sure to update yourself with technology, trends, and what is new with people. Understanding the people’s perspective always gives you a jumpstart in the race.

‘Set it and leave it’ may be effective in the daily life, but a company is not just an individual hard work, it is a combine effort by your staff, your investors, your competitors (who also play a major role), and your target audience. They all come together to make your business successful and even if one gets affected, your business gets affected. Thus it is important to keep your goals steady.