The biggest risk is taking no risk at all


Risk is the probability of damage, loss, liability or any other negative incidents that might be caused by the internal or external vulnerabilities. Risk can be of many different types involving various levels. Some people take risk in terms of monetary aspects. Others take risk to learn new skills and get experience in their social life or relationships. Some people want to increase their self-esteem.

Taking risk can have its own negative effects on your day-to-day life and on our business outcomes. The amount of risk that you take depends upon your past experiences. Risk often results in losing or not getting the expected results. If this happens it is possible to have a mental and emotional breakdown. This will ultimately result in dealing with problems or trying to run away from unhappy situations.

Financial Risks

A financial risk which results in negative output will be a heavy loss. Some people like to invest more and expect more returns and profit. This involves the risk of either losing the original investment or getting a high return. A financial loss like this can break you mentally. Investing huge amount of money and not getting the desired output can make you feel frustrated with your decision. It starts to have a negative effect on your life.

Emotional Risks

Some people take risk in their social or personal lives. There are times when they want to open up their heart to welcome new people into their lives. Whether you want to express your romantic feelings to someone or you have an audition for the role your dream, there is risk involved of been rejected and it can be very terrifying. To accept rejection from someone you love or care about can be very painful. All kinds of difficult emotions will crawl through your mind.

Spiritual Risks

Spiritual risk takers place their total trust in God. They believe in the time of scarcity and difficulty He will always provide them support. When they stumble God will always be there to hold them and pick them up. This may lead to over-belief and eventually a spiritual break down. Having faith in God is relevant, but expecting too much can result in spiritual loss. You feel like been left alone with no more help from the creator. You feel like holding back and lost. Negative thoughts take over your soul and you feel guilty and rejected.

The Biggest Risk- Taking no risk at all

The actual risk is in withdrawal, not in exposure. Refusing to expose your work to the world can be a failure. Been recognized is the only path to develop emotionally and spiritually. Real growth comes from only one thing and that is risk. Getting through your fears and doubts will help you to expose yourself to others. It will help you to deliver your message to the world. Even though it might not happen the exact way you imagined it, but it will happen.