Complacency is a vice that comes into our habit unknowingly. Our success at times makes us blind and takes everything that comes in our way, without judging what is good and what can be bad. Out of the things that come on our way, the opportunities that befall on us, some may be disguised as misfortune as well as defeat.

Superficially, everything looks good and lucrative, but, if we step into the trap, those might turn into on-way ticket to hell. Surprisingly, I have observed many talents getting lost this way, the only fault of theirs being grabbing every opportunity that had been thrown on their path of walk.

Good and bad, right and wrong

Life is a strange mixture of good and bad, right and wrong. The good and the right are always visible in a normal manner, plain, modest and straight. It is the bad and the wrong that come in lucrative wrappers, incredible promises tagged along and brightly eye-catching.

I am not telling that all eye-catching things are bad or all the lucrative deals are bogus. It is just that whenever you try to take advantages of the opportunities that come on your way, do keep your eyes open and your brain working. It is best to judge the pros and cons, to get to know what possible outcomes may be and backtrack the history if there are any. This may sound old-fashioned way of looking things up, but, adventurism has its risks, and when risks turn to disasters, there are few survivors.

Vices are vices

There has been many an occasion, where simple steps have been overlooked just because of greed. Vices are vices. One needs to pay the hard way. I know established people, who, leaving their secured placement, have gone on wild goose chase, ruining their future. Incidents like these make me feel sorry but there is no way one can control greed once it has taken root on somebody’s character.

The world is a harsh one, if you take a look at the reality. There is competition all over. Therefore, if one is intended upon self-destruction, few but the closest ones would come in the way for rescue, provided there is prior information. However, few could resist the lucrative offers of the bad and the wrong which again has been amalgamated with greed and misfortunes and defeat are inevitable. Good advices, guidance are ignored as the grapes of wrath takes over.

Mantra in my life

The simple education I received in my school days still acts as the mantra in my life. In my early years, I was taught not to judge anything by its looks. I followed that word by word. I gained a lot of friends, success and avoided the disasters that could have happened had I not been judicious. I took chances, took the opportunities, only those which my inner sense okayed and left those which sounded curious and achieved to be what I am now. Even if you are playing a risky game, my suggestion is to get into it by judging the pros and cons. First see what you can lose and whether you can afford the loss. Then see what you might gain.