Give client something that he can’t achieve on his own


Corporate world is all about tough competition, especially when you are handling clients. One needs to satisfy the client’s needs to the fullest and meet deadlines in the most efficient manner. After all, it is the client that contributes to the growth of your organisation.

I have observed and I do believe that the client is the next best thing to God. Actually, I am not exaggerating. It is the money paid by the client which helps an organisation to survive and flourish. Without the client an organisation is useless, a business venture is futile.

Too many organisations doing the same job

I believe that this is an era of competition. There are too many organisations doing the same job, serving the same purpose. It is the survival of the fittest in today’s world. Getting a good client and assuring him or her to have their account permanently with you needs a lot of hard work and efficiency. Also, what is needed to give the client are the things which he or she cannot achieve by their own means. I consider this as the key to make you client stay with you. Of course, these are difficult tasks but success does not come easily anytime, anywhere.

Let’s take it for granted that the client is of supreme importance and it is your priority to keep him happy. So, there is homework to be done about how to keep him happy. You need to know what his preferences are and how high are his expectations in general.  And you need to know, rather find out covertly, what his limitations are which are hindering him to achieve something on his own. Once you know this, your work will get streamlined on the right path. You will be able to do your work the way the client prefers. Again, the work may be difficult, all works are, but you will be acting with the idea that what you need to achieve on behalf of your client.

Reason you have been hired

The client’s wishes may differ from getting publicity, be on the Page 3 to publicity of his products he deals on or just anything, which he cannot achieve by his own position. That is the reason you have been hired.  I would suggest that go all-out to fulfil the desire of the client. Give him what he wants like a cherry topped on a cake. This will make you special for the client and at times it won’t matter what you are charging, because the client will know that he will get something extra, which he alone never could have achieved.

What I am trying to say in plain language is make yourself indispensible to the client. Once you can do this, the client you are working with will be happy and the company you are working for will also be happy and that may be reflected on your paycheque as well. After all, the client is a human being and has dependencies and the catch is to use your abilities to achieve wonders for your client.