Entrepreneurship in itself is a big risk. Budding entrepreneurs will constantly be put to the test as soon as they start their venture. Not everybody is cut out to be one, because making such a bold move requires leaving your 9 to 5 job, maybe using your savings to fund your business and inviting a considerable amount of stress. It will also put stress on your mental health, family life and your recreational time.

However, it can be intellectually satisfying, as it requires thinking out of the box and coming up with unusual ideas. You cannot become a successful entrepreneur if you follow trends that you see. If there is already a start up that caters to a town’s grocery needs, another start up of a similar kind is doomed to fail. To win, you have to be bold and stand out. What do entrepreneurs do differently? Here are a few things we think trendsetting entrepreneurs do to succeed.

Out of box thinking

 An entrepreneur does not become successful by following other people blindly like sheep. In fact, they are the leaders. They create trends with their ideas and actions. Entrepreneurs recognize the unfulfilled needs in the market and come up with a creative solution for satisfying them. A run of the mill solution is boring. To create trends, you must expand your thinking. To succeed, you must put those ideas into action.

 Take risks

 No risks, means no rewards. Break away from the stereotypical expectations and take the plunge into putting your creative ideas into action. An entrepreneur is not afraid to fail, because they know that failure is the key to success. Defying expectations brings richer rewards because unusual ideas are bond to succeed.

Keep an open mind

 The key to entrepreneurial success is an open mind. Do not discard an idea until you are very sure that it will not work. When you hear an unusual idea, don’t dismiss it right off the bat. There are endless possibilities in front of an entrepreneur whose mantra is to do break out of the mold.

A good practice is to look at current market trends and see what you can do to make it better. Or take a problem that is plaguing the market and come up with a wacky solution. You never know, your solution might actually work and spark off its own trend.

 Have courage

We all have our role models we look up to. We want to be exactly like them. But do we ever ask ourselves why they are our role models? They were either trendsetters or they did something unusual to start off a trend. It takes tremendous amount of courage to be an entrepreneur because the risks are too great, but so are the rewards.

An entrepreneur cannot follow other people. They, by definition, are leaders who lead teams to success. Become the person others will look up to. Become the person that others will want to follow and emulate, and that is the mark of a true leader. Success only comes when you take the road less travelled.