This may sound a trifle bizarre, but prosperous men often destroy themselves by getting complacent. After a successful endeavour, they just sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour, gradually lapsing into the contentment mode. The belief that they have control over a scenario and that the success they have achieved will continue indefinitely forces people into a state of complacency.

It’s wonderful to feel fulfilled, but to abandon all aspirations and take things for granted is a big mistake. This causes them to lose the momentum and others race ahead. In fact, a complacent behaviour is a slow path leading towards self-destruction.

What brings about the complacent mode?

Complacency and its ill-effects penetrate all spheres, be it business, politics, sports, showbiz and even personal relationships. It often comes in the wake of success, spreads rapidly and impacts future prospects significantly. It’s important to remember that no job is ever finished. There is always scope for putting in more effort for further growth, be it experimentation, seeking new channels, searching for innovative ideas, learning fresh skills, processes etc.

Impact of Complacency

Even after achieving the set targets, it’s imperative to push yourself out of the comfort zone, raise the benchmark and work towards realizing it. If not, complacency will overtake you without any tell-tale signs or warning. It is a state that likes the status quo and has a tendency of settling easily into one’s lifestyle. Once that happens, you slide backwards and the invisible downfall begins while you are left grappling with the situation and wondering what just happened?

Let’s check out some ways to trounce this sneaky factor called complacency.

Recognize it:

Complacency often goes undetected. It begins with a confident streak which is generally perceived as a positive trait but it gradually turns into passive contentment. People become comfortable with the status quo. So what are the signals? Are things being taken for granted? Satisfied with the current situation and doing less to pursue excellence?

Raise Expectations:

Company matters. If you feel you are best in some category, surrounding yourself with people who are mediocre will prevent you to keep pushing boundaries. On the other hand, an association with a peer group which is more talented and high on energy will re-ignite your passion.

Set New Challenges:

Give serious thought to what you wanted in life and what you accomplished. Mull over your capabilities, your strengths and the higher levels of success you can achieve. Create new benchmarks, strive for improvement and then gear up to meet the new goals and objectives.


Expand your knowledge by reading, joining a workshop, attending seminars or taking a specialist course. Going down this route will break the shackles of complacency, spark creativity and help rejuvenates your flagging spirit.

Are you in danger of becoming complacent? Have you lost the drive to pursue excellence? If so, it’s never too late to take stock of the situation and snap out of it. Remain vigilant, extremely alert and work towards thwarting this menace before it derails you.