Nobody’s life is perfect. In fact life is quite the opposite –imperfect. Life loves throwing us curve balls. And how we tackle these curve balls is what eventually matters.

You cannot ask for a hassle-free and tension free life. Nobody can relieve you of your stress except yourself. Nobody can keep adversity from befalling you. It is all up to fate. However, what is not totally up to fate is what you do when life gives you lemons… Do you make lemonade? Or do you pour sugar on a sour situation and let the sourness survive? Or do you take life with a pinch of salt?

Think solution. Think end game

Thinking about your problem is not going to make it go away.  Remember this. Most people just like to focus on a problem and keep on whining about it. This helps no one.

If you are thinking about your problem, do not do so in retrospect. Be prospective. Think with the future in mind. Think about possible solutions!

Break it down

This actually helps. Instead of thinking about your problem, break it down. Decide how the problem affects you and other people around you. Once you have narrowed this down, try to tackle one aspect at a time. This will make the problem seem more manageable, and your problem will not seem so sinister, as it had initially.


Get your grey cells working. If you do not trust your judgement alone, get a team together. Try to brainstorm for solutions.

In fact, doing this as a team is probably a better idea. This will make sure you pick the best solutions that affect everyone as a whole.

Pros v/s Cons

Once you have come up with plausible solutions, find out more about them. Every solution is obviously beneficial in some way, or maybe even in more ways than one. However, that does make that solution the one that you are necessarily looking for.

Try to poke holes in the argument. Find not only the pros. Also try and find the cons. In this way you can narrow down the number of solutions even further.

However, remember not to discount all solutions. Nothing is perfect. So keep that in mind.

Stay hopeful

This is important. You need to keep your hopes up and believe in yourself. If you are sure and confident about what you are about to propose as a solution to your problem, and you believe it can work, 99% chances are that it will.

So put that mental energy into positive overdrive and wish yourself well. Finding a suitable solution to any problem is only half the journey. Actually having the confidence and the courage to execute it is another matter altogether. Just believe in yourself and you will be fine.