Do you have an excuse for not completing the task? Then that should be the first sign which tells you that you are heading towards the other direction – the direction of failure. There is no person, no situation, no circumstances, and no luck to blame for not achieving what you aimed for. It might make you feel better for a while, but it will be the regret you will carry on your shoulders for the rest of your life. We make excuses because we fear the failure much before the event takes place. Here are ways you can avoid making excuses an excuse for not becoming successful

Point the fingers to yourself

“Whenever you point a finger to someone, there are three fingers that are pointing towards you.” A true saying that should be always in our mind before we blame others for our own mistakes. This is one of the lame excuses people make to get out of the situation without accepting the mistake. A simple act of accepting the mistake and learning from them will make you never repeat it again. This will lead to fewer errors in future

How can it be solved?

Before focusing on the problem, think of ways to resolve the issue without greater damage. Analysing the problem can be done later also, but what is important is that you could find the apt solution. That is one of the major characteristics that a leader should posses. While you take all your energy finding the answers, you will have none left for making excuses.

There is no wrong time

If you are waiting for the right time to start planning your first step towards your goal, then you are making a fool of yourself in front of others. You cannot start on other’s time schedule; it has to happen whenever you want it to happen. If you are serious about your aim and clear about where you want to take your business, then the right time is now. But if you want to wait for somebody else to come and tell you to start working, then you are just wasting something precious called time.

Keep your strengths in mind

Everybody has some quality that makes him stand apart from others. And before others find it in you, discover it yourself first. If you know what your strength is and believe in it, then no excuses will be strong enough to break you. It doesn’t mean you ignore your weakness. Weaknesses need to be worked on, but the process becomes a little easier when you have your strengths to fall on.

Let excuses be a word that is invalid in your dictionary. If it doesn’t exist in your mind, then it would not exist in your work.