Life is full of tactical decisions and judicious talking, especially if you are a part of the corporate world. I personally have been following this philosophy from Day 1 of my career and thus avoided minor or major conflicts which may have arisen, had I done otherwise.

It is very important, when you are climbing up the ladders of the corporate world, to think, judge and compare before you say anything. Yes, inexperience may result in a faux pas, however, it is always better to avoid making off-hand comments and be careful about it.

All sorts of people and characters

While being in the corporate circuit, you will come across all sorts of people and characters. If you are in managerial posts, you will need to deal with your co-workers in following different methodology, some of which you may not like. But, while dealing such manner, if you come across people who you know will not give a proper answer, do not indulge. Refrain from asking questions which will only make a defensive liar. Dealing with such people in a politically correct way is a must so that the situation is contained.

You will find liars all around you. Some may be pathological liars, lying about anything and everything, a habit that is running in the veins. These are hopeless cases, best to be avoided. There are people, who will be lying to cover up their failures or even to avoid work. And among them you will find defensive liars who will create stories to cover up one lie after the other. These are the problematic cases of which I referred to earlier, about not trying to indulge. These are people who will make you sick, your establishment weak and your tempers going blasting.

Not getting deep into troublesome characters

I have always taken up this practice of not getting deep into troublesome characters and refrained myself from carrying on dialogues with people who I know will create a house of cards as a cover up. It is useless, waste of time as there are thousands of fruitful and creative things to do in a lifetime. I have seen many a times that being irritated by lies or such other cock-and-bull stories lead to severe stress. I know a few people, all who are doyens in their fields, to be seriously harming themselves by indulging into activities like countering liars. It is bad for health, mental and physical. I have therefore kept faith on what I practised, that is not asking those question to the person who I believed will lie for an answer. Thus, I have been spared of at least one trouble.

To spell out a lie may have many aspects and reasons, thousand of reasons and various psychological explanations. But the fact remains that in general, we as human beings have a deep distaste towards lies. That is what we are taught in the schools. That is what our parents teach us when we learn to understand our surroundings as a toddler. However, lies, big lies and some other stuffs are a part of our daily life and if you are listening, if you want to be at your best self and composure, don’t ask questions that make one a defensive liar.