Time has come to produce the next Tata, next Birla, next Ambani in India


The three names that corporate India can boast of, that has been controlling India’s economic surges during the past few decades, are definitely the Tatas, the Birlas and the Ambanis. Yes, there are others, but these three can definitely be termed as the doyens. I have asked the question to myself, what have made them so successful and also what the future should be.

The answer to my first question is probably a well-researched topic. There have been innumerous articles and even books written on these topics. Let’s have a look about the big three one by one and discuss their basic characters which made them so special.

If you will make an observation of the Indian companies, traditionally they are organized on two basic lines – Some companies have the sole target to make money so that their shareholders may get their profits or, some companies are idealized on socialist theory and are out there to deliver certain services for different sections of the community they serve.

The Tatas

It is an open fact that that Tata Sons, which is the holding company of the Tatas, are controlled by philanthropic trust, the number being over 66%.The Tatas have a society, who they call their Fourth Stakeholder and there are the owners, employees and customers who go along with them. With such a system in place, they have been an inspiration to anybody who are connected with them or have forged a relation with them. Success has been achieved through inspired teamwork in every sector.

The Birlas

The Birlas have built their empire by bits and pieces and by amalgamating sheer hard work. The top brass of the Birlas believe that it is not important to have the leadership qualities and skills by birth as it is possible to pick up and learn such skills through observations and by showing the right and positive attitude as well as determination. They have set priority on excellence in technology as well as quality.  Customer service has been their prime objective, clubbed up with cost competitiveness. Also, through the ages, the Birlas have given least importance to success as well as failures, terming them as phases that pass one after the other. Such mentalities have given them the much needed edge.

The Ambanis

I am told that Dhirubhai Ambani termed money as a by-product and observed that chasing money alone would never make anybody a successful businessman. These are perhaps the most quoted lines in business meets or seminars. Another thing that the Ambanis strictly follow is having a dream and working towards it as they consider it the indispensable thing for any business to demarcate its prime space. The Ambanis believe in their instincts to guide them. Also they follow the philosophy to trust all but never be dependable on anybody. What else do you need for success?

What’s in store for the future?

Yes, the Tatas, the Birlas and the Ambanis are the prime force. But what’s next? They have steered our industry in the 20th century. But what about now? That time and phase was different, much different to what is coming ahead. Now, the time has come to produce the next Tatas, Birlas and Ambanis, who would share the ideology of making it big but much to the tune of the present economic and social scenario.

A solid foundation with the understanding of what people need and the leadership to create an empire producing and delivering that, coupled with the dream of industry expansion, of making it big, of never saying die…it can be you, me or anyone else with the right aptitude for business…the true next gen doyens of the Indian economy who would learn from the Tatas, Birlas and Ambanis and go on to create their own destiny.