I left my Engineering course when I was in my final year. There were essentially two reasons for this – First, I did not like what I was doing, and second, I wanted to do something different and be really successful in life. To me, honestly an Engineering degree seemed meaningless since I realized it would never get me what I wanted and make me merely a job seeker like everyone else. To me, completing the engineering degree came across as not an end, but the beginning of a new endeavour.

Needless to say, the announcement of leaving the degree and the phase thereafter was a difficult time in my life…a little self-doubt having left engineering in its final year coupled with, and more importantly, the difficult patch with my family since my parents thought I was merely squandering my life and my opportunities away.

But in my future journey towards achieving my entrepreneurial dreams, unknown even to myself then, this was my first act of risk taking based solely on my intuition. I simply refused to go down the usual way and remain a mediocre job seeker all my life and took the plunge towards doing something different…and making it big!

Knowing yourself and taking the plunge!

This is the first step towards making it big in life. Going down the usual way and following a path that millions are trodding before you never really gets you anywhere. You need to know yourself…understand what you do not like in your current life, why you don’t like it, what aspects you need to change or would prefer being changed and then simply gather up the courage and take a plunge! Yes, this plunge is crucial…and unless you can take a risk for your own life and future, would you ever be able to have what it takes to take any other risk as an entrepreneur? Think about it. It’s your plunge away from that millions-trodden path towards a pathless unknown territory where you are free to pave a way forward for yourself. And depending on your will, this path can go as far and as high as you want it to. It’s your own path. You are creating your own destiny!

Defining Success…Your Way!

Step two…Unlearn whatever you know or have been taught about success and define it in your own way.  Yes, how you define success or what you would term as being successful is completely yours and is crucial in giving yourself a direction and remaining focused on it without getting distracted or demotivated along the way. Unless you yourself know what kind of success you want, you can’t really reach anywhere. As for me, I have always desired success in life, like everyone else, but the difference was in how I defined that. Unlike most of others, to whom success only meant completing or getting ahead in what they are currently doing, for example, completing a degree or getting a job, or doing well in the job, I always demanded success in a different sort of a way…a success which made not only me but others successful too. I demanded that success which not only made riches but gave a sense of fulfillment. A success that not only made money but generated employment. I wanted to be an entrepreneur and a job creator.

Laying Down Principles:

Lastly, one needs to lay down one’s own set of principles that would guide him towards success and realize one’s dreams. I did that after I left Engineering. I have primarily two principals that I have always abided by in life and in business, whichever profession or whatever position I’ve been in. These two are – respecting OPT & respecting OPM, namely, Other People’s Time and Other People’s Money. All my actions, behaviours, plans etc. have always been and will always be decided in a way that maximum respect can be given to these two. When I was a loan agent after leaving my course, I tried to make the most for people who gave time to listen to me or those who gave me money to get loans from me. As an entrepreneur now, I am still guided by the same principles. My aim is to provide the maximum to people who spend time on my ecommerce sites or who spend money and buy some product or service from me.

So to respond to the question – Why I left Engineering to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams…there can only be one answer…to be happy, to be successful, to be rich and to be me.