It is a common notion that people who excel in their education will be successful in future. But the truth speaks something else. It doesn’t take big grades to achieve the goal in your life, all it takes is four words – “I will do it.”

Be the god of unpopular things

Responsibility plays a key role in achieving success. Mugging your teacher’s notes and vomiting it in the exam papers is just another hoax people believe to be true. Even average students, who lag behind in their studies, can be the ones who at timesfare better than the others. In the famous book by Ron Biwas, “The C student’s guide to success”, he says that people who are known for taking responsibility seriously aren’t always the best and brightest, but they are the ones every boss wants in his team.

You will always go to people first who would be ready to do your work without complaints and arguments rather than people who would show tantrums to do it. That is the advantage of doing the tasks that nobody wants to do. Here is why you should take up such responsibilities

Tasks go unnoticed because they are small

There are several tasks that go unnoticed by people because they are small. They wait for someone to do it and waste time. If a person wants to finish a task, then they should do it themselves. By waiting for others to complete the task that has been assigned to them, is wasting precious time. Your seniors will see that if others take one week to complete the task, you can finish it in a day or two. That is why people who take the responsibility on themselves will be more successful in the long run.

Because it agrees with our principles

There are many reasons as to why one should be ready to take any tasks or responsibility. Obviously, it helps us to get into the good books of our bosses. But one can take it because it agrees withour principles. Life is all about a balance between your mind and soul. If your mind says do it for the money, there will be always a corner in your heart, that says it is the right thing to do.

You will be the ‘go-to-guy’ in your office

You will be the ‘go-to-guy’ in your office,the one who is there for everybody. You will always be known as the saviour of every task. Now, that’s not a bad title at all. And this shall be your first step towards leadership.

You will get the best assignments

A person who takes responsibilities seriously will be trusted more. That means in future you get to do the best assignments. Best work will give you opportunities to showcase your best work. You get to put your best foot forward and get noticed.

You will never know when responsibilities just come your way. Sometimes you have a choice but sometimes you don’t. But people who have the courage to make it as a choice to take it, makes them more successful in endeavours when they have no choice. The one who is careless and arrogant about doing small tasks, becomes vulnerable when it comes to handling situations. One might have to start with grunt work and do odd jobs, but a person who can take it with a smile, knows that something big is in store for them.