Don’t think of struggle as a struggle, but as a phase of growth


Being an entrepreneur is never a bed of roses. There are thorns, weeds, pests and a whole lot of unwanted things that will come your way while you walk to success. But you have to keep walking anyway! You have to stand up; you have to motivate yourself and you have to face challenges head on. Remember, struggle is only a phase; it does not stay on forever.

See the glass half full

Optimism is the best tool to overcome struggles. You know that the work you have put your hand into might not bring a positive outcome or might not go as you had planned. Do it anyway. You have nothing to lose, so why not see the brighter side of it? Look at your glass half full rather than half empty. See your struggles in a new light and overcome them in the best way possible.

Try and try, till you succeed

The word ‘struggle’, according to many lexicons, means an attempt to free oneself of restraint. Now, if you noticed, there is a positive side to the word too! You have to free yourself from the force that pulls you down. You have to keep trying anyway. Learn from the spider. The more you prevent it from designing its web, the more quickly it gets to work and outdoes you! Keep working relentlessly and you are bound to succeed eventually.

Laugh at yourself

If you are being mocked at during work, at home or in a group of friends, learn to laugh with the crowd at your own mistakes and shortcomings. That will give them enough reason to stop right in their tracks and will give you enough reason to feel good about yourself. For, you will get to know the weaker side of you, which will help you to start working on it immediately. What is life without a sense of humour in it anyway!

Bury your past

Your past will haunt you each time you look into your future. But what is the whole point in letting your dark past come back from the dead? Past means something that has gone by; and it is best to keep it that way. If you want to step into a brighter tomorrow, you have to let yesterday be gone for good. There will be no success if you mope about your failures and struggles all the time. You have to rise and shine anyway.

Failure is a stepping stone to success

If you fail in anything you do, do not lose heart. Failure only takes you closer to success. You learn from your own mistakes. In the entire process of failure, for reaching the road to success, you master an art. And that is how best to avoid a situation, which had led you to your previous failure. Fail anyway! For, that will make you an experienced and a wiser person if nothing else.

Life always gives a second chance to those who try. And those who try are the ones that have struggled and failed. Remember, struggles are temporary and so are failures. A little self-motivation can take you where you want to be. So keep motivating yourself and you will succeed anyway!