In life struggles and challenges lead to growth


Since birth it’s been drilled in our heads that success doesn’t come by sitting idle.  You need to work hard to achieve success in life. To take a step forward is not easy; you need to overcome the obstacles on your way to success. Life is very unpredictable; it just throws challenges and opportunities at you and lets you decide whether or not to take them up. It’s only you who can take the decision. Nobody can do it for you.

Struggle v/s Challenge

 It’s not a compulsion to struggle your way to success every time you take up a challenge. There is no hard and fast rule that to attain success one needs to go through hardships all your life.

Struggle, in simple words, is the effort you put in to get through your day. Whereas, challenge is your ability to put the effort to get through the day. Your struggle today determines your tomorrow. Challenges on the other hand are the errors that you need to correct while you are on your way up.

Losing and winning

You must have heard, “slow and steady wins the race”. Well if you give it a thought it actually means that there is no race in life that you cannot win. Losing and winning are just mere phases of life.  What matters the most is participation. One should always acknowledge failure and learn from one’s own mistakes. Your experiences are the reminders of your glorious challenges.

Be positive

We all sometimes wonder whether we can achieve success without facing obstacles? What’s the fun in that, it won’t taste sweet. Struggle can be mean, it breaks down your strength, makes you negative, exposes what you lack. But it can never take away the energy and the immense potential that you posses to overcome and accomplish these tasks. Instead we should attract positivity, strengthen our delicate mind, embrace our challenges and take that step forward.

Never say never

It is very common that one tends to give up after a constant stretch of facing failure. But never give up that hope, because hope is what gives you the strength to struggle and fight back. Always remind yourself, “You can do this, you have what it takes to be on the top” and you’ll notice that boosting your energy works wonders.

You are not alone

You need to acknowledge that you are not alone in your struggles. There is always somebody there to guide/support you. Our real struggle starts when we resist the support of emotional and physical resources. Hence we should adopt the practice of gratitude, never take anything for granted, let go of the struggle and accept the challenges of life. Make your struggle worth struggling for!