Insensitive people are more afraid of losing their wealth


Research shows that psychopaths and entrepreneurs share certain characteristics, like being indifferent towards other’s feelings, impulsiveness and are extremely courageous when it comes to taking risks. Entrepreneurs like psychopaths tend to become fearless as they get to experience more and more business failures. That’s why it is not difficult for some entrepreneurs to run along multiple business ventures side by side or to go and form another start up even if the previous one saw a catastrophic end.

What is insensitivity?

Insensitivity is the act of showing that you do not care about any one’s feelings. There can be many kinds of insensitive acts like being rude to someone without any reason, to acts of terrorism. Often subtle kinds of reactions/actions like silent treatment, not appreciating others, leading others on and taking advantage of them, etc are examples of insensitivity.

The climb to the top is a lonely experience

More often than not, insensitivity is directly proportional to the level of wealth because the rich know that if they let their emotions cloud their judgment, then wealth would be a distant dream.  Usually a person who has made a name for himself and also managed to secure a vast amount of wealth lives a very lonely life because in this journey called life, he had to make a few sacrifices like letting go of important relationships coming in the way of his dreams. As a result, he is always terrified that he if he loses his wealth, he will lose his power.

Love versus Indifference

History has proven that it is the selfless that are remembered more often. Gandhi is considered a symbol of peace worldwide whereas Hitler is judged as an insensitive fascist dictator. Being sensitive doesn’t mean that one is weak. It is an attribute of the strong. It is mankind’s duty to both sympathize and empathize about others, always support the good over evil and help bring justice to the people who deserve it. Love is the most powerful, positive human emotion and without sensitivity one cannot love others.

Perception is the key

Sometimes due to an unhappy childhood or bad parenting, children turn into insensitive adults. It is the job of the sensitive and loving person to help his insensitive brother rise beyond this vice and see the world from a different point of view. It is not impossible to turn a cold-hearted person into a loving creature, once we bestow affection upon him. And once we change our viewpoint and regard relationships, and knowledge, as the ultimate wealth, then we can work towards restoring them.

It is thus true that insensitive people are more afraid of losing their wealth, because once that illusion of power is gone, they no longer have anything to hold on to. But changing one’s perception often leads to avoidance of that worry. Caring about things that matter and not giving priority to materialistic happiness is the ultimate way to achieve happiness. And it’s high time that business men shatter the myth that in order to become a successful entrepreneur, one has to let go of morals and ethics and become a cold and detached human being.