Letting go of the past is an art indeed which apparently very few of us have mastered. If we want to succeed in life, we need to unburden ourselves from the imprisonment of the past. The past was there to teach us certain lessons and now we should look forward to the future instead of dwelling on something we cannot change.

Most of us have the tendency to see our past as some sort of Greek tragedy. One needs to constantly remind oneself  that there is a reason that things don’t work out and sometimes the pain and hurt we feel is nothing but a blessing in disguise. The past starts to become a problem for people who view life from rose tinted glasses. Most live in some sort of a utopic bubble and forget that just like death, pain and suffering are also inevitable.

Quitting is for cowards

Entrepreneurs are the ultimate risk takers who with their smart sense of judgment and intuition make decisions that sometimes work and sometimes fail to see the face of success.  Entrepreneurs, especially those who are starting new, should keep it in mind that they are human after all and that mistakes and humanity go hand in hand. People who don’t succeed are not the failures. Failures are those who wallow in self pity and quit before the tide turns itself in their favour. That is, people who are quitters are the true defeatists.

No matter what, be thankful

Be thankful that you failed; that things didn’t work out in your favour every time you wanted it. Remember that failure is similar to heartbreak. With each failure, you learn something new and you continue to grow and evolve as an entrepreneur. If you achieved things so easily, would success be really worth it? If we perceive failure as an asset and channelize the frustration and lesson learnt from it into working harder with more resolve, then nothing can stop us from getting what we want.

Look at all those millionaire entrepreneurs. How many of them got to see overnight success? Instill in your mind that overnight achievements are nothing but myths. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it takes perseverance, flexibility, courage and determination to achieve anything worthwhile. Most autobiographies of self made millionaires will tell you that failure was a stepping stone to their success.

Inspire others

Most of us are focusing on the destination instead of the journey and this is where we are going wrong. Experience and failure should be considered as the greatest teacher. Be thankful for the way your life has unfolded itself because your life has been a beautiful narrative all along. Each person’s life is a unique story which needs to be told and shared with both loved ones and strangers. The stories which tell the listener/reader of years of struggle and facing every worst obstacle possible are usually the ones which inspire people and make them courageous and daring when it comes to chasing their own dreams.