Struggles are temporary and so are failures


Very often when we feel upset, sad or low about something, our near ones always console us by saying, “this too shall pass”. We hear it but very rarely do we try to understand what it actually means or implies. In common parlance, it means that just as the good times pass, bad times also pass. Hence we need to always face all the challenges which life presents to us and not get disheartened or disappointed when we fail to achieve what our aim or goal.

Understand that no two days are same

When we are alone, we often complain to the Almighty fòr trying and testing us so frequently and also wish that we had a smooth life. While a smooth life may be stable, after some time even that could lead to monotony, resulting in boredom.  No two days have the same weather. Each day brings us new horizons, new hopes, new challenges and so on.  Hence, if a particular day does not go well, just understand that it was not your day and you will always get ‘your day’.

Face your challenges

The only way to lead your life is to live it. It is only when you start living your life truly, will you be able to cope up with the constant struggles and challenges along with the highs and lows associated with it. Both in your professional life as well as personal life, there always are going to be challenges. How effectively and efficiently you deal with them lies your strength.

If you start questioning why life is doing all this with you, you will only end up going around in circles. This is because life is and will always remain like this. It is you who has to make the choice. Either you just sit quietly doing nothing or else, you stand up, take charge and lead the challenge from the front. Given a choice, it is always a good idea to face the challenges instead of running away from it.

Don’t bother about the outcome

If you have decided that you will stand up and fight, then there are two things which can happen. Either you will be able to tackle the situation in your favor making you the winner or you will fall short in something. This may keep you away from your desired goal and you may experience defeat. This is fifty –fifty probability. The best attitude will be to just face the challenge instead of worrying about the outcome.

Learning from your defeat

If you fail to achieve the desired object which you were aiming for, don’t lose hope. You can’t win every single time and if you did, then you may not realize the true worth of it. Hence, it is extremely essential that you also experience defeat. However, make sure that you don’t lose hope and get disheartened. Instead you should take any failure in your stride and learn from your mistakes. Only then will you be able to grow and prosper in life. Understand that both, success as well as failure are not permanent and will not last forever. Don’t get complacent if you win and don’t get disheartened if you lose. Just remember the famous saying, “I don’t lose, either I win or I learn”.