Never lose faith in your idea


Your idea is the roadmap to your future. And as long as the map is intact, you will get to your destination. All you need is faith, and the rest will take care of itself.

Faith is integral to your success. Belief is something that cannot be taught or inculcated – you have to feel it from within. This is faith in its barest essence.

Believe at the beginning

All great endeavors started out as a tiny idea, probably without a proper understanding of the actual potential of the idea itself. What let the idea grow though, was the belief the person had in his idea. So trust yourself. Trust your gut. And trust your idea.

Your idea is your baby. Nurture it. Let it grow. Believe in it – in its ability to achieve greatness. This is the faith that will let your dreams achieve fruition. This is the baby that will let your dreams for it come true.

Do not give in to cynicism

‘There is no good idea that cannot be ruined by a few well-placed idiots”, said Scott Adams. And he was so very right.

With every idea comes the voice of doubt. What you need to do in such a scenario is to be calm and believe in the brilliance of your idea.

You will also, most likely, face a lot of opposition from other people. There will always be naysayers who will tell you that there is no future to your idea. What really matters at this point is your own confidence. Your confidence in yourself, and in your idea. As long as your belief stays intact, nobody can stop you on your path to success.

Don’t just talk the talk

Walk the walk. This is essential for your idea’s potential to be achieved. A lot of people just keep on talking about the brilliance of their ideas and how far it will get them in life. But often, they forget to actually take action to execute that idea.

If you only keep talking about your idea without actually doing anything about it, there will come a point when it will only seem all talk and no substance to you – even if the idea is actually a good one.

So be sure you take action in order for your idea and your dreams to be recognized. Otherwise you will lose faith in it, and you will be the one to be blamed. To reap rewards, you need to toil a little.

Don’t lose reason

Some people become really caught up with the “how” rather than the “why” after the wheels have been set in motion. But you need to be grounded and remember why you thought your idea would work in the first place. The end goal is the reason – it is all that matters. Be active in the execution of your idea, but avoid getting caught up in the execution process. As long as the finish line is clear to you, your idea will be realized.

Thus, these are a few ways to have faith in yourself, and your idea, and move forward in life. You also need to understand, that some idea, even when realized fail due to a whole host of other problematic factors. However, you should never lose confidence in yourself, and never be afraid to dream, and dream big!