When you were a child, I am sure your parents often narrated to you the fictional prince and princess stories, making you believe that these handsome and beautiful princes and princesses are true and did exist in real life as well. When you grew up, started understanding things, you realized  that this in fact is not true and is just a make belief story cooked up to put you to bed.  In the same way, you are often told by the elders in your family certain things about life and money which when you actually start living you realize are not true. Keep reading to find out more about these lies and how to stay clear from the.

First Lie:  Be loyal towards your profession

 When you are at the brink of your college and have to make one of the most important decisions of your life about which profession to pursue and are confused between two or more options, most parents often tell us to choose a profession and be loyal to it. In today’s world, this hardly remains true. Today, we see so many examples of successful people who have switched careers by taking risks and have achieved great milestones in their careers. After looking at them and listening to their success stories, we realize that change is the only constant thing in life. Till the time we don’t reinvent ourselves, we will not be able to tap our full potential and achieve what we are actually meant to achieve.

Second Lie: Go to school for a good future

One of the very popular parental opinions is, “going to school is necessary if you want a good future for yourself”. This is quite a debatable issue. More often than not, when we pass out of school or university and go for a job interview, employers ask us questions, the answers to which are not in any textbooks but can be sought through a clear application of mind. No interviewer has ever asked any of the candidates, the name of the lesson which you must have learnt in your seventh or eighth grade. So technically, apart from becoming literate, how much of our learning at school gets actually translated into what we call ‘formal education’ is a highly debatable issue.

Third Lie: Money is not everything

Your parents often tell you “money is not everything”.  You seem to believe it at first. It may have also been true if we were living in the Stone Age. But today, when you have to pay for all your bills, your groceries as well as for your enjoyment, you realize that this is absolutely not the case. In today’s materialistic world, you have to cough up money for every small thing you do or buy. Hence, the popular fairy tale kind of belief that “money is not everything” should soon see the end of the day.

Fourth Lie: Focus on specializing in one field instead of doing ten different things

As they say, “Jack of all trades, master of none”, our parents also often tell us this, isn’t it? But in today’s fast paced, challenging world where everyone is in a race to outdo the other, it has become necessary for everyone to be a jack of all trades. Today’s world expects each one of us to know more than just one skill even if we are in the elementary stage of learning of that skill because it is always interesting to read the profile of a person who knows ten different languages albeit at the beginner level, rather than reading the profile of a person who is a master of only one language. More is better!

So just steer clear of these lies and see how sorted and less complicated your life becomes…