To know you can’t, you have to first try


So many times do we think of doing something different, something new, something which excites us at first, something which we like or we are passionate about. But more often than not these ideas often remain probabilities rather getting translated into action or something concrete.

Why does this happen? Have you thought about it ever? What is that one thing which holds us back? Fear of failing, initial anxiety, insecurity or is it something else? Let us try and understand these negative vibes and how to tide over these which prevent us from giving that ‘one shot’ to achieving something which we have been longing to achieve.

Follow the proverb

When you were in your primary school, you must have surely heard about the famous proverb, “try try till you succeed”.  What does this proverb mean? Hence instead of always stressing on what you can’t do, focus on trying or at least attempting it in the first place. Who knows, you may find your real calling in that or you may really end up being an expert in that or someone who people will look up to.

The possibilities of such a thing  happening are truly endless. So before making up your mind to saying, “I can’t”, at least say “I’ll try”. It has much more positive energy.

Take failure in your stride and keep trying

When you read the success stories which also include their initial struggles, failures, of influential people, have you ever thought to yourself that what if this person would have also said the same thing like we do. What if they also gave up on the first instance instead trying, would they land up in this place where they are? Not at all. The fact that they have achieved this current position in society is because of their attitude towards facing any problem.

One of the common attributes which any leader has or should have is that he should be ready to face or take on any adversity with immense positivity and without any fear of failure.

If it is your first time, be mentally prepared that you are going to fail. If you succeed, it will be bonus. However, don’t get over confident thinking you are bound to succeed. After all, we are not born only to win. But the important part is that no matter how hard the failures seem, keep trying. Be persistently sincere in your efforts and within no time will you see those efforts taking good shape.

Some food for thought

One final thought, always remember, “It is never over till you give up”. If not here and now, life will always provide you with ample challenging opportunities to test you. How you deal with them lies the challenge. So before you completely give up on doing it, always say, “I will try”. That will be battle half won.