“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” 

                      – Kahlil Gibran

Scars can be scary and ugly. But they are the tattoo of triumph over our fears. One cannot predict what is going to happen in business. But we need to realize that each scar is an insignia of success that is just around the corner. Failure is a stepping stone to success. Fail as much as you can. Fall down and take pride in your scars as these are signs of lessons learned both in life and in business.

See the beauty in scars

Change the way you look at your scars. Take pride when talking about how you conquered that scar. It’s a symbol of your strength, it shows that you are a survivor that you have lived and struggled and you have the marks to prove it.

Learn from the Past

In life as well in business, learning is a never-ending process. Since birth till death – we are learning to live, to adapt, to forgive, to forget, to love and so on.

Our past experiences are the best reminders of what went wrong the last time we were stuck in a similar situation. Get outside of yourself. Avoid comparisons. Uncover the good that is hidden in a bad time and use it to your advantage.  Look at what happened in the past, learn something valuable from it and do things differently in the present.

Make reality your friend

Clinging on to the past doesn’t help. But moving forward does. There is no such thing as no-option. There are always two sides to a coin. Everything in life is temporary. We are temporary. We are alive today, but we might be dead tomorrow. No moment will last forever, it is upon us to live each moment and make it a memory.

Be humble and grateful to manage and appreciate your good times. Focus on what is happening right now. Use your purpose to respond to what is important in the moment. Imagine yourself enjoying a better future in such specific, believable detail that you make plans to help it happen and your put your those plans into actions in the present.

Change is constant

 With every decision we take we change the response we get. Change keeps happening with time. In order to keep the climb to success steady, we need to anticipate, monitor, adapt and enjoy change. Create your own path in life. Accept your imperfections, stop cribbing about little things. Embrace all your pain because no matter how deep the wound is there is no time to sit around and wonder about what has been lost and what went wrong. Instead change your approach towards life and think about what not to do wrong the next time.

Everyone in life or business goes through some hard times at some point. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. It’s just something to think about. Something to reflect upon. Scars can be physical, mental or emotional. But they are there and they will never fade. We just need to accept them and cherish the lessons we learnt while acquiring them. And just like the scars change the colors of your life and see the positive in everything you do because life is moving on and you have to catch up with it.