Innovations do not come in your dreams


Right since school, you must have heard about great scientists inventing and innovating different mechanisms which we use even today. Like for instance, Thomas Edison invented the bulb and today we not only use it but we have innovated it further. Mobile phones which we use today are an innovation of the telephone which was invented by Alexander Graham Bell many years back. Have you ever wondered, what makes these people different from the rest? Was it only their intellect which stood apart or did they have something more which made them achieve what they actually achieved? Innovation doesn’t simply fall into ones lap by dreaming. Let us find our more in detail about this.

Understanding what holds you back

It must have happened to most of you at some point in your respective lives that you think or dream of an idea, no matter how small or big they may be, but when it came to actually implementing them, you held back. More often than not, the thought of ‘what if’ makes us fail even before attempting to do something different. Besides this, the thought of rejection, what or how the society around us will think and react makes us all the more susceptible to dropping our dreams altogether. Imagine if Edison or Graham Bell would have thought this way, would we benefit from their innovations the way we do today? Just think about it.

Develop a problem solving attitude

Replace your long negative list of ‘what ifs’ with ‘why not’ and see the difference. This will be like half the battle won. When you dream of something and think of achieving them, there are bound to be problems. Instead of focusing on them, focus on what best you can do to solve these problems. Every one of us reads about the success stories of people who have achieved great feats in their field. But very often we forget the struggle those people underwent to achieve what they achieved today. These people spent almost 60% of their time in effective problem solving at all stages of their career.

Communicate your ideas

It is almost impossible for any individual to think from all perspectives at all times. Very often we forget to take into account some view which may be equally important in achieving our ultimate goal. Hence, it is essential that we have few close friends who not only understand our dreams but will also be able to positively contribute towards achieving them. Having friends who merely say ‘yes’ to all your ideas is not sufficient. A true friend should be one who will give you a real picture of all the perks as well as challenges you may face. Discuss your ideas with such people. It is only through healthy and constructive discussions that you will be able to come to some rational decision.

Get on your toes and be proactive

Merely dreaming and constantly thinking about your ideas is not sufficient. Your ideas will not take shape unless you start working towards it. So get on your toes and start working. Be proactive. Write down your ideas and accordingly plan your way ahead. Meet people who you think will be able to help or guide you. Even spending time online, searching for ideas and options on working out your dreams will help you in a big way. Do not procrastinate. Don’t get disillusioned if something does not work in your favor. Try some alternate solutions. Plan your actions in such a way that you always have an option B or C in the event option A fails to take shape. Start chasing your dreams.

Words of wisdom

Ms Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has very aptly stated, “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough”. Every dream which you see has the capability of getting translated into reality provided you believe in them and find out ways of working them out. So don’t lose hope as you never know, you may do or venture into something which the world was waiting for. The possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit for you.