Entrepreneurs and not politicians should run the country: Sachin Mittal


To be eligible to run for the elections for a post in the government of any country one only  needs to be a citizen of that country, be of the legal age and should have a sound body and mind. As per the eligibility requirements, it turns out that almost all the adult citizens can run for the election and can join the government to run the country. Most candidates take these as the only prerequisites for joining the government.

While the above mentioned eligibility requirements are essential, there is a lot more that you should have to not only be a part of the government, but also help the government build a better country. Experience, knowledge of the economy, ability to delegate and strong control over your mind and body are some of the qualities that a political leader should have. As a matter of fact, these are also the qualities that make a successful entrepreneur.

So, can entrepreneurs run the government? In my opinion they can do it far better than politicians. Let us take a look at this in detail-

Entrepreneurs to run our government

There are a number of factors that make the entrepreneurs an ideal political candidate, who can actually help the government as they have a better understanding of the economic scene of the country. As economy plays a major role in the success of a country, their sound knowledge in the field when applied at correct places can be immensely beneficial for the citizens.

Some of other things that make entrepreneurs an ideal candidate to run the country are-

Experience- A successful entrepreneur goes through a number of problems and is challenged on a daily basis. Moreover, there is a major possibility that they might have faced immense highs and lows in their career. However, it’s their ability that made them reach where they are today and this experience can be very well utilized in the government.

Knowledge of economy – It is also very important for a political candidate to have a sound knowledge of the economy of the country. Entrepreneurs have an abundance of this knowledge and they will understand what economic reforms can help the industries and enable companies to do better, which in turn will only help the country.

Employment- A large number of entrepreneurs is forced into entrepreneurship as they had experienced employment problems in their career. They understand how important employment and the necessity to generate jobs are, as they themselves might have employed large number of people in the past. Thus, they will make sure that more jobs are generated and the youths are encouraged to take up entrepreneurship, which will again have a positive impact on the economy.

Ability to delegate – An entrepreneur knows how to represent himself, and this is an important requirement in every political candidate as well.

A large number of entrepreneurs have been part of the government and have played a major role in the development of their country. While the current government lays its foundation on making promises with no results in sight, it is time that successful entrepreneurs enter politics and do things better than they are now.