Drop your ‘what ifs’ and get set to conquer the world


Right from the time we get up from our sleep in the morning, till the time we go back to sleep, our mind is constantly occupied with some thought or the other. However, more often than not, it is not our inner thoughts which keep our minds occupied but are in fact, our worries. Human beings tend to worry a lot. But we don’t realize that such continuous worrying can affect us physically as well as mentally and it is about time that we get over the habit of thinking of every ‘what if’ happening in our life and convert that into ‘what if not’ or ‘why not’. Things, situations as well as people around us will improve considerably if we make this small change in our approach. Let us try to understand this phenomenon a bit in detail.

Effects of consistent worrying

Worrying can show effects on our body. You are often restless, anxious, unable to focus at work during the day and unable to sleep peacefully at night. While people who are into such a state of mind often argue that worrying helps them to think and perceive situations which could happen and hence, in such a way they are able to perceive almost all the things which could come in their way. Let us now try to understand and implement some small changes in our day to day lives which can make a big difference in our attitude.

Remember ‘worrying is of no use’

When your mind is not actively working, it becomes vulnerable to the ‘what if’ worrying. The key to getting over this is to instruct your mind that such worrying will not lead you to anything constructive or productive. It is just going to waste your time and affect your health unnecessarily. Start trying this and observe the difference for yourself.

Differentiate your ‘what if’s’ into whether they are repairable or not

Whenever the ‘what if’ thoughts start raining in your mind, do a simple exercise, categorize them into whether such ‘what ifs’ can be amended or whether they are irreversible.  If these worries are something you can make changes in, plan a strategy or list down all possible solutions of how you can overcome them. On the other hand, if your worries are irreversible or based on a mere figment of your imagination, then you need to put a full stop right there because clearly, there is nothing much you can do about it.

Take the challenge  

 If you know that you are likely to get caught up in the ‘what if’ thoughts especially in your professional life, like for instance, ‘what if I had taken that decision for my company?’ or ‘what if I had taken that small risk in my business?’ or even a small thing like ‘what if I had done the presentation in some other way?’, have you considered taking up the challenge instead of getting apprehensive about its failure in mind? This will be beneficial in two ways, either you will come out with flying colors and achieving what you’ve always wanted to achieve, and secondly, the feeling of ‘regret’ which may later on kill you from within will not remain. At least you will be guilt free that you took the chance even if you failed in it. Trust me, this feeling is incomparable and will always make you feel relieved and light.

So, the next time you get caught up between the devil and the deep blue sea, just follow your instincts and take the leap and keep the belief that whatever happens, happens for the best firm. Your mind as well as your life will have no place for any ‘what ifs’.