Awareness of your shortcomings is the first step towards overcoming them


We have all heard about the popular saying, ‘No man is born perfect’. Every one of us has our own set of limitations. These weaknesses or shortcomings come in different forms in every person’s life. While some have weakness of heights, some are afraid of water. In common parlance, we also come across people who have stage fright while some are so shy that they feel awkward to network and socialize with people. Let us understand how we react to such shortcomings and if at all can we get over them so that they don’t hold us back.

Common reaction to weaknesses

When we come to know that we have a weakness for a particular thing, what do we do? We mostly try to avoid or circumvent it by giving some excuse or the other. But there is one aspect to this which we often don’t realize and which is that that such fear can hold us back from going ahead in life and the more we try to avoid it the more intense and difficult it is going to get for us to overcome that fear.

Awareness is the ‘key’

 You will be able to attack and conquer your weaknesses only when you know the specific areas where you are falling short right? Hence, awareness is the ‘key’ or the starting point to facing your fears. It is only when you are fully aware of your shortcomings that you can devise a strategy for getting rid of them. This can be done either by sitting quietly and introspecting and then probably listing down the points or it can be by way of taking opinions from people who are close to you and who you believe to be your well wishers.

Well wishers are those people who will be there to provide constructive criticism so that you progress in life. Sometimes it can also happen that you like a person for his or her ‘x’ quality and you feel that you should also have that in you. This will automatically help you in becoming that way since it is from within or from your inner conscience.

Take the ‘first’ step

 As they say, ‘take the leap, means will follow’. In the present case also sometimes it’s all about taking the first step. Once we do that we often end up thinking to ourselves that all this while we were afraid for nothing. This was indeed very simple. However, to arrive at that stage where we are ready to ‘take the plunge’ requires a lot of mental efforts. For instance, a person who is introvert and feels awkward while interacting with people can overcome this weakness either by dropping an email to a friend just to say a simple ‘thank you’ or can just give a one line written complement to someone who must have helped him. Trust me, it truly works wonders.

So the first step before attacking is to be aware of your weakness. It will only be then that you will be able to not only accept them but will also be able to conquer them successfully.