In our day-to-day lives we come across so many problems. There are some problems which are very easy to remedy, while there are others which require some intense and critical thinking.  So the existence of problems in an individual’s life has not changed. What has changed is that the problems today have become more complex and intricate than before. The reasons for this may be many. Let us look at some of the reasons which have made today’s problems more complicated.

Fiercely competitive  environment

Everyone will agree that the competition in any given market which existed a few years ago is not the same as what it is today. Owing to the changing and demanding consumer preferences or because the market has become very ‘consumer centric’, everyone is in a race to please and retain its consumer base. As a result companies and other large scale organizations have become fiercely competitive in their approach and dealings, thereby creating a complex situation. Tackling such complex situations often requires us to think of some ‘out-of-the-box’ and fresh solutions which are not tried and tested by anyone.

Growing importance of technology

Today technology has not just captured but is also ruling our daily life. We have become so heavily dependent on technology that we find it difficult to even survive without it. But it is the same technology which has made problems bigger and increasingly intricate. For instance, if today, someone puts up some idea or a latest trend on the internet, there are going to be many who will edit or crop it in such a manner that it looks as if it was their idea. In such situations, ascertaining who the real author of such a work is becomes very complex. With technological concepts of photoshopping, cropping, editing, problems become even more serious.

Understanding today’s environment

 Organizations today, no matter how big or small they may be face major difficulties when it comes to tackling intense problems. The first reaction to such problems is to get frustrated, which makes the problem seem bigger than it is and more unsolvable. Another consequence of such an approach is that people often adopt a defensive approach towards such problems and start thinking that it is the end of the road for them.

Solution to such high intensity problems

Life is not that simple that we just copy paste the solutions of one problem to another. It doesn’t work that way. Similarly, getting all flustered is also not a good idea. But there are some things which we can follow and which can at least help us in better or improved decision making skills. These include:

  • Adopting a patient and calmer approach when faced with any difficulty;
  • Gracefully accepting constructive criticism;
  • Prioritizing available resources; along with
  • Developing a rational attitude to decision making.

Some useful lessons learnt

So just like life today is not the same as it was few years or decades back, similarly, problems today are also not simple to deal with as they were in those times. Also, owing to the exposure which we receive either through the internet and such other means, we are expected not just to think and come up with a solution but to think something different, innovative and something which no one has thought or conceptualized. This makes today’s problems lot more complex, thereby requiring robust solutions to deal with them.