Sometimes we so wish that life was like a plain, straight road with no ups and downs. That would make life so simple. But if you think about this at a deeper level, it is because of the ups and downs which we face in our respective lives that make life worth truly worth living. As human beings, we are capable of feeling as well as expressing wide array of emotions and it is life which gives us a chance to explore each feeling or sentiment. This makes life much more interesting. However, when life puts us in some difficulty or a tricky situation, it is not to demoralize us, but to help us evolve as stronger human beings. Hence, keeping the faith that everything will turn out to be fine is something which we need to learn.

Understand the meaning of ‘Faith’

While the term ‘faith’ is quite difficult to define since it is an abstract concept which we should feel instead of technically defining it. However, generally speaking, faith is the inner belief, trust or confidence that everything will fall into place soon. Thus, in simple word, faith is the inner hope of improving or doing something better.

Relevance of God in faith

Faith goes hand in hand with the presence of God. When you have faith, you know or you tend to believe that there is some invisible power which is controlling everything happening in your life and it is this immortal entity which will help us at the end by making everything fine. While the face of such an entity may change depending upon the God or deity or any such spiritual being which an individual may be practicing, but the essence remains the same.

Power of faith

 We remember about the bad or negative events and incidences happening in our lives. However, in spite of such bad things or occurrences, we still manage to look and move ahead in life. Have you wondered why this happens? It is simple. This is because we have that firm inner faith that no matter how today is there is going to be a tomorrow where everything is going to turn out fine and may be even better than what we expect. It is this faith that always makes us look at life with fresh approach and positivity.

Importance of faith in our lives

 Faith is the very core or the foundation of human life. When you have faith, you automatically start working towards your ultimate aim or goal in life. In fact, the relation which we share with our respective Gods or any deity or any spiritual master is also based on ‘faith’ because, when we look at them, we know that they are going to bless us with all the strength we require for coming out of any difficulty. No wonder, it is said that it is faith which keeps the ball of life rolling and moving ahead….