Each of us is different. We think differently, we do things differently, we talk differently and we walk differently. What makes us weird is how different we are from each other. Weirdness makes us unique. Each little quirk makes us an individual in our own right.

Ideas that might seem too weird or too out of the way are prone to succeed because of the wow factor. These ideas most often take notice of a completely unexplored segment of the market and its needs and strive to fulfill them. These segments often go unnoticed by others since they might be hidden or too out of the way to notice by just anyone. Most often, the product or service idea utilizes a normal idea but picks an unexplored segment of the population… and voila, their idea is a hit.

Weird makes the world more interesting

Weird makes the world more interesting. The same routine plagues us every single day. Wake up, go to work, come back, cook, clean, sleep or a variation of that. To break the monotony of things, we need weird now and then.

Entrepreneurs with weird ideas in a market full of normal ideas break out of the mold to do something different. One of the reasons why unconventional ideas in the market might succeed is because investors are looking for ideas that are likely to succeed because of their unique factor.

Weird is innovative

A simple solution might have a normal solution and an unusual solution. The unusual solution is likely to be innovative. Your weird ideas stem from your creativity, and those are the best ideas. Without such weird and creative ideas, where would Facebook have come from? Online stores that sell hand-made, ethnic items were created because one person realized that this art form is not reaching enough people. So why not start a store? If you are striving to be more innovative, put your best, or weirdest foot forward.

Don’t suppress your creativity

Don’t suppress your creativity let it breathe. Suppressing your creativity to fit into a fixed mold will make your life mundane, and you will hate doing what you do. As the cliché goes, when your passion is your job, you will love going to work everyday. Exactly why more and more investors are investing in creative start-ups? Because those are unusual and cater to a niche market. The more special the product or service is, the better chances it has of drawing in a huge number of customers.

Make the customer’s life a little easier in an unusual way and your idea will be a hit. Each new product that was introduced into the market was first seen as weird. The first laptop, the first CD player, even the first smart phone was seen as an anomaly. But today, we cannot live without any of those things. Be confident enough in front of the world to get them to believe what you believe in- your idea. Don’t live a life where when you look back, you are left with the lingering feeling that your weird idea might just have worked, if only you had tried.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” –Oscar Wilde