Each person who is a millionaire has his or her own secrets. There are numerous books on the market that teach you the secrets to success or give you tips to become millionaires. These might all be well written books with good intentions, but there is no substitute for experience. You try and you fail and that is how you learn.

Even in school, gaining knowledge from reading your textbooks is never enough. Working on a real life problem or a practical problem is what will help you understand those concepts.

So what are the secrets of these self-made millionaires? For that, we would have to talk to a millionaire. But till then, let us figure out how to get big things done, without having a breakdown. Daunting tasks are often waiting to be approached from a different angle to make them seem easy. Here’s how to go about it.

Big Picture

One of the biggest mistakes people make is looking at the big picture and saying they will finish it right away. You cannot look at a pizza and say you will eat the entire thing at one go. What you do instead is cut it into slices and eat them one at a time.

Similarly, the big picture needs to be cut down into smaller bite sized tasks that can be accomplished fairly easily and within a manageable time frame. Little things build up to big things. Progress might seem slow, but it is definitely the most effective way to get things done.


Entrepreneurs often forget that their end product is going to be used by a group of consumers. Instead of spending millions in a year to build a product, that might or might not appeal to the target market, there is a simpler way to get things done. Build a basic model and get feedback. See what your market says and if they would like any modifications. Even though the idea is yours, it is those people who will eventually use it.

Getting feedback constantly while working  on your service or product will save money and time, and at the end of the process, you will have a product that works in the market.


Don’t rush to finish things. It takes longer when you try to accomplish a mammoth sized task without taking a break to breathe in between. Take the break, get feedback and then get back to work to significantly reduce your timeline for developing your products. Entrepreneurs who have used this method of developing a product have often found that they don’t waste funding and get their product out on the market quicker than they would have without feedback.


 To be successful, entrepreneurs need to be passionate. When a person focuses on their passion, they give it more time, they get better at it and they are less likely to give it up. There will be people around you with their goals and successes. But don’t get distracted because each person’s goal is different. Your goal must reflect your passions to be able to succeed in your venture.

Your passion will keep your startup alive. While working on your product, keep the end user in mind. After all, your entire company is based on satisfying the customer’s needs. To be successful, you have to take the road less taken. Even if other people in the start p community mock you for taking feedback every week or every month, keep doing it, because you want to succeed.