Each and everyone on earth, without exception, can become rich. Then why is it that only a small fraction becomes rich and the others don’t? I believe it’s mostly in the mindset of each category. Possession of wealth is a direct consequence of the mindset of the people. This is where the real gap lies.

You may have noticed that those who hate rich people don’t seem to be able to become rich. It is also likely that this hatred prevents them from what they want most – to be rich.

There are also those who have the mistaken belief that the rich became rich because of luck. They are constantly complaining and cursing the state they are in. Instead of taking responsibility they blame luck for everything gone wrong.

Swallow this pill. There is a vast difference between opportunity and luck. But many often confuse the two. When we see someone successful, we often attribute their success to luck or just circumstance. You need to ask them to find out the story behind their success.

Don’t  assume. You don’t know that the guy at the party you assumed was “lucky” might have studied during the day, and worked during the night to open a successful handmade leather goods shop. Or the girl that you saw at the mall with shopping bags might have made a profit from her baking business and is using that to shop, not her dad’s money.

But then, what makes these people different from us ordinary people? They are as human as we are. They are definitely not supernatural or superheroes who stay up all night and wear their underwear over their pants.

Know this. The only thing different about them is how they tackle problems, create opportunities and work hard to get where they want to be.  This is how the rich think differently from the poor.

The Rich Mind: Let’s Act Now!

The Poor Mind:  Let it be! Maybe later?

 Successful people do things themselves. Luck does not figure anywhere in their plan of action. They rely only on themselves to get things done. And there is always action, because without action nothing gets done. They set great expectations for themselves; hence they work just as hard to fulfill those expectations. Ordinary people think, and do nothing. They over-think and that brings in inaction. Fear of failure is another reason for their static state. Over analysis-paralysis syndrome leads to inaction. They never dare to convert dreams into reality and that is where they fall behind.

The Rich Mind: I am ready to take Risks!

The Poor Mind: This is too Risky! I’ll Pass!

 Brave enough to take risks, whether they pay off or not, rich and successful people do not step back just because there might be the possibility of failure. Ordinary people are afraid of taking risks. They over-think the outcomes of a risk and hence convince themselves that the risk is not worth it.

The Rich Mind: It’s big! I like it!

The Poor Mind: How can I even think that big?

 Think big and do big and that is what you will get in return. People who are successful do not have a myopic view of the world. They look at the big picture, and this is exactly the reason they are able to focus completely on their goal. The rest of the people though have a myopic view of life and only think about the short-term goals, thereby completely ignoring long term goals.

The Rich Mind: It’s 5 am! Let me plan my day!

The Poor Mind:  Snooze time! Wish I didn’t have to get up!

 Looking towards the past means you will always be stuck there. This is not for the rich. They firmly look towards the future without letting the shadow of the past cloud their view right now. They move forward thinking they can do it, and hence they can. Ordinary people look back and want things from the past. The constant looking back takes away their focus from the present and the future.

The Rich Mind: I will make this happen (thrive)!

The Poor Mind:  I just need to get by (survive)!

 Even though it seems like a cliché, successful people are successful because their passion is their work. This gives them constant motivation to do bigger and better. A person doing a mindless job that under utilizes their skills does not lead to success.

The Rich Mind:  I want to win!

The Poor Mind: I don’t want to lose!

 In rich people the desire to win is 100 times more than the fear of losing. The one thing that sets them apart is their unshakeable belief in themselves. They know they can do it, and they know they can have everything they have dreamt of, and that is what happens. Because despite the struggles and hurdles, they tirelessly continue to work towards the goals they have set for themselves. They believe that they have earned the riches that have come their way and it is perfectly okay to use their hard earned money on themselves. Ordinary people focus on saving and never believe that they can do it. They like to leave things to fate and not take charge.

Make the change, Now!

 It is easy to dismiss someone’s success as luck or just good timing. But what you don’t know is that behind the scenes, successful people have worked really hard, gotten their hands dirty and tirelessly made plans over and over again to get to the point where they can walk on the road and everyone will know their name.

If you have that little desire to attract the abundance towards you, make the shift in your attitude, from this very moment!