Our society is based on rules, which require each one of us to conform to the norms set down by society. Educational norms dictate that there is no better profession than being an engineer or a doctor.  Professional norms dictate that as long as you can afford a house and a car, you have reached the pinnacle of your potential. Family norms dictate that as long as you listen to everything your elders say, do not talk back and do not say no, you are the ideal child.

What of those who do not conform to those norms? Not that we are advocating talking back to your parents or not being an engineer. The ones who do not conform stand out and often face ridicule and taunts about their non-conformity. But not being normal is its own kind of adventure. Especially in entrepreneurship, where you already have the freedom to put your wildest ideas into practice, being different leads to an unimaginable levels of freedom.

Through the ages, those who thought differently and did differently have stood out from the herd. And where there is less of a crowd, there is more opportunity. Capitalizing on this opportunity, these entrepreneurs have made waves in their chosen industry. How, you ask. Here’s how.

Wacky ideas are the best

They don’t think anything is impossible. They look at normal things differently. Certain groups of people look at normal problems in a different way, coming up with innovative solutions to solve those problems.

A broken down scooter has two solutions, either solve the mechanical problem, or come up with an innovative electrical engine. It’s all about perspective. Things like the i-pod and hoverboard both seemed impossible and crazy. But here we are, with both the products selling like hot cakes on the market.

Listen to all of it

Listen to criticism, because there will be lots of it. When people see something different than normal, they don’t like it. Listen to all of it, take it in, but do exactly what you want.

That’s what out of the box, successful entrepreneurs do. At the end of the day, it’s their business and they make the decision about how to run the business. Even if the choice was wrong, the choice was yours.

Frog trying to escape the well

This is perhaps the most important characteristic of successful entrepreneurs who think out of the box.  When everyone around you is thinking in one direction, and you are the only frog trying to escape the well, there will be those who will want to pull you down. But your self-confidence and belief in your ideas will help you escape that well.

As tempted, as you might be to do what everyone else does, don’t. Because that is not what successful people do. Successful people forge their own paths because mediocre things don’t interest them. They strive to do things differently than others and in the process find their calling which leads them to a successful life.

So if you are still thinking about whether your wacky start up idea will work or not, stop thinking and start doing. Because no one ever became successful by saying, “I probably cannot do it…”.