Love and money co-exist in success


We all long for a smooth life in which our dreams will be fulfilled.  And nothing would give us more happiness than to share with our loved ones all the good things as they unfold in our lives. But how often do both happen at the same time?

While we may accomplish many of our dreams, there is always something which remains unfulfilled? We see so many cases around us where people may find their true love but success eludes them. On the other hand there are others who seem to have the best of everything except the one ‘special’ person with whom they would like to share all the happiness. When we look at such instances, we often wonder whether love and money co-exist when we achieve success. Or whether it is either one for the other?

What is the true meaning of success?

Almost all of you must have come across books on “how to be successful?” or “ways to achieve success” and the likes. However, have you ever wondered what the true meaning of success is? At least what it means in your individual case? Think about it.

Imagine a situation where we get rewarded for being ‘the best’ in our field, have comfortable amounts  of funds lying in our account but no one to share such an important moment in our life. What is this success worth?

After all, man is a social animal and needs the company of other people as well. While there is no “perfect” meaning of success, it would imply a perfect combination of a good career, stable finances along with some positive relationships with whom we share the journey of our life.

An important part of our living

Love and money are known co-exist. Die-hard romantics may argue that money is not everything. But the practical fact still remains that though money is not the only thing, it does constitute an important part of our living, especially in today’s materialistic world. Since we need both love and money for our basic survival, existence of both becomes quite important when we achieve success. But it is not that easy to achieve this and requires lot of efforts.

How to achieve ‘perfect harmony’

This is not so easy to accomplish. But it is not impossible either. It all depends on the kind of approach you adopt. Once you decide the kind of life you want for yourself and start working towards it, everything will fall into place.

What you need to learn is to prioritize each factor in such a way that they get the importance and place they deserve in your life and at the same time either one doesn’t come in the way of the other.

Instead of underestimating or overestimating any factor, give each its due and see the difference it brings in your life. If you start giving more importance to money, then love will get sidelined. You will follow a rigorous chain of just earning money until you realize that you have no one besides you.

Balancing’ is the key

On the other hand, if you focus more on love, then your work life may take a severe hit and it will get difficult for you to maintain your loved ones from a practical perspective. So ‘balancing’ is the key here.

Once you strike the perfect balance, both will get their due importance and hence this will make your life much simpler and sorted and nothing will then stop you from achieving what you have dreamt of achieving.