Your inner state of mind is an important aspect of how you behave externally. When you are struggling with something internally, it is bound to show with the way you talk and behave with people around you. Inner peace is an actual thing that does exist. As much as some of us might want to rubbish the whole concept, when you are calm from inside, you work better and you function in a much more efficient manner.

Inner satisfaction equals outer satisfaction

There is truth in the fact that until and unless you are satisfied internally, you couldn’t work well in external environments. Let’s say you just started your own company, and you set certain personal goals about how to be a leader and the direction you want your company to go in. And then there are the promises you made to your investors about your company and its growth.

The first thing to do is not to consider how to make good on the promises you made to the investors. You should first begin by making sure you are a good leader who runs the business efficiently. Once you have fulfilled that internal goal, other goals will automatically fall in place. When you are internally satisfied, it will show in your work ethics and in your interactions with other people.

Boost your self-respect

 Fulfilling your promises to yourself will definitely make you a more satisfied person. It will also boost your self-confidence because fulfilling those promises has proved that you can accomplish things. Once you gain the self-respect that comes from internal fulfillment, it will be visible in your manners and words.

Your employees are more likely to respect you if you respect yourself. When you see that you can fulfill your goals, you will know that you can fulfill your investors’ and your employees’ goals too. This sort of boost in confidence and respect is bound to show through and give the best impression of yourself.

Be a motivating leader


When your employees see that you are someone who can fulfill your own promises as well as promises made to others, they are bound to be motivated. They will look up to you as a leader who keeps his or her word. Most often, leaders make empty promises that they fail to deliver on. This affects employee moral to an extent where they do not feel comfortable working in the company. Be the kind of leader who is known for keeping their word and in turn, you will have employees who last longer and respect you for your qualities not only as a leader, but also as a person.

Before striving to fulfill others expectations of you, it is more important to turn the spotlight inside and see how you have fulfilled your expectations of yourself. Unless you are satisfied with fulfilling the standards you have set for yourself, you won’t be able to satisfy the standards others have set for you.

Hence, the right thing to do is to look inside, and fulfill the promises that you have made to yourself. Once you are satisfied with that, then start looking at the promises you have given others and what you need to do to stand by them and fulfill them.