In life whenever any quantum change is to be brought about what is required is not minor efforts here and there to bring in change but paradigm shifts. In the scientific arena whenever atoms receive greater amounts of energy their electrons are propelled into totally new orbits. The old structure then cannot sustain the new inflow of energy.

Similarly we live in super charged and exciting times with fresh energy added every day. To allow this change to take effect and allow the new energy full flow we too need paradigm shifts in our outlook and activities.

Quantum change can occur in anyone’s life.

To jolt us out of something

Big problems require big solutions. Just as smaller problems are much simpler than we give them credit for. To jolt us out of something, we need an equally big incident to give an equivalent reaction. When you cut a watermelon, a small, regular kitchen knife has no effect whatsoever. But if you use a large knife, you will easily be able to slice the watermelon into equal halves. Even everyday life teaches us that big things affect big problems.

As an entrepreneur, big ideas require big implementation. And this implementation means bringing about a quantum change with paradigm shift. Big hurdles require bigger leaps and jumps to get past them. The field of entrepreneurship itself is a result of a big paradigm shift in the economic landscape. This change has not taken place in just one country, but in countries all over the world. If you look at India, you would have seen in the news about new initiatives including funds and tax breaks for startups. This can be nothing less than a result of a major change.

Paradigm shifts in thoughts

 A paradigm shift in our thoughts unfailingly leads to a huge change. To be honest, all changes begin in our heads. Your actions will not change unless your mindset does. Similarly, unless something major jolts you, you are not going to start thinking differently, and if you don’t start thinking differently, you won’t start doing differently.

A paradigm shift will change just about everything, and sometimes in life, that is what you require. You might be down and walking along the road, stewing in your thoughts. Coming across an old, homeless person, you are bound to realize how insignificant your problems are. This paradigm shift in thoughts will lead you to re examine your problems and approach them with a new perspective.

Paradigm shifts through history

We as human beings could never have made advancements from the Stone Age to where we are now without a paradigm shift. A paradigm shift led us to the industrial revolution. And another paradigm shift is turning the world into a global economy with global connectivity. With each major technological invention that the world goes through, it is a paradigm shift that makes it successful and makes it adaptable by the general public.

Paradigm shifts in the entrepreneurial landscape

 The entire economic landscape has seen a paradigm shift. From manufacturing and big companies dominating the market, the current scenario has completely changed. More and more youth are looking at starting their ventures. They prefer working for themselves instead of in big companies which provide stability. Rather than slogging meaninglessly they would rather face uncertainty in the short term with probable success in the long term. This shift has been huge and has been going on for quite a while. Governments have been taking notice of this shift and started providing support in terms of tax breaks and other initiatives to encourage creativity and new ideas.

Stephen Covey, in his highly recommended book, The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, also talks about a paradigm shift he encounters. He narrates an incident about his experience in the subway and how something said by his co-passenger completely changed his perspective. Perhaps we should take a leaf out of his book, be a little more aware of our surroundings and notice things that will create a paradigm shift for the better.